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I have been trying to buy 3 of these for 45 minutes and cant get the place your order button to appear. (outdoor products ultimate compressor sack 2 pack)I get the review your order screen that says if your happy then hit the place your order button but the button is noplace I can find it

I also have been trying to buy 2 of them. The add to cart button will not work.

I’m sorry, we’re having sporadic issues with the site- can you please try a different browser, or clear your cookies/cache and see if that helps?

I’m sorry, we’re having sporadic issues with the site- can you please try a different browser, or clear your cookies/cache and see if that helps?

If anyone is interested in the Kelty lanterns, I can highly recommend. I spent over $60 for mine, and even then it was worth it! FYI, I’ve nothing to do with Kelty or retail outlets. Nor Woot.

This past summer I spent 4 months boondocking (living in a trailer without any electricity, water, etc., aka dry camping,) and the lumatwist was in my top three most used and most dependable gear items.

It’s very bright, and having the two independent twisty panels was more useful than I thought it would be. If I aimed one at the ceiling in one direction and the other in the opposite direction or at the wall, I would get a nice ambient light inside the trailer. It also helped with the fear factor of walking to the latrine in the dark, since there were predators around. (I could see in two directions! Unfortunately the lantern did not provide eyes in the back of my head.) Directional light is so useful when you don’t have electricity, and I liked being able to illuminate from just below eye level by adjusting the panels - no lantern blindness.

It seems pretty sturdy, but I didn’t drop it - not yet, at least. The battery life was very good, especially given how bright the darn thing is. You can use one panel or both. I also used it as a low-level night light by folding both of the panels in and turning one on.

I’m ordering a couple as gifts, and one to keep in the truck - I can’t believe the price. Go Woot!

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Having trouble finding reviews on these stoves… anyone here bought and used one before?

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for a safe, cost-effective way to make my clothes smell like buck urine. Diving under a peeing buck = completely ineffective.

I bought 2 of these. The light seems very bright and useful but it requires 6 AA batteries, not 4 D as described…if that matters to anyone.

You guys sent me the wrong lamp, the LumaPivot instead of the LumaTwist. I sent 2 customer support requests about this on 24 Dec and 1 Jan. I have not heard ANYTHING back from you. Yes, I checked my spam folder. It was full of free credit report offers and phishing attempts, but weirdly nothing from Woot.

Sorry for your experience. I passed your info along; you should hear back soon.

I also had the wrong lantern sent to me. I’ve contacted support but haven’t heard anything since the automated response about a month ago.

Oh jeez, that’s incredible patience on your part. I sent your info over to be investigated. Sorry for the wait.