Outlet Covers with Night Lights (5-Pack)

Outlet Covers with Night Lights (5-Pack)

What color are these covers? White? Off White? Cream?


I’d be interested to know this as well …

I typed in what I believe is the UPC code you can see on the bottom of the back of the image. The following “Novalight” faceplate came up and indicated white.

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these are awesome. i bought some last time woot had them for sale and placed them on every outlet in my basement. now, no problem walking down the stairs at night without turning on the lights.

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Are they nice enough for a finished basement or a living room?

I would like to know what color they are as well.

I got these in a pack along with led night lights from woot a few months ago. They are white (exact match to my other standard white outlets). So far, so good. They work well and look nice. The bottoms are thicker than a normal outlet cover so they sick out just a bit (about 1/8 inch) which gives a slight curved appearance when looking from the top or side. Like I said, they look nice so the curve isn’t noticeable at a glance. Lighting is subtle and shines straight down. A couple of them took some adjustment to get the tabs on the inside to align with the screws on the outlet (that is how they pick up the current). I do recommend these, perfect for hallways and at the top or bottom of stairs.

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Thanks everyone! We were able to confirm that these are indeed white.

Would love to get these but all the outlets in my condo are “landscape” orientation. Don’t know why, but would make these harsh rather than appealing. Wish they made a version with lights on a long side.

What color is the led light? Is it more a white or yellow light?

Hello. The light is pure white.

Way cheaper on eBay.

Are these night lights UL approved?