Outlier Chardonnais Napa Valley Chardonnay (4)

Outlier Chardonnais Napa Valley Chardonnay 4-Pack
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2013 Chardonnais Chardonnay, Napa Valley

additional specs please…

VV makes this sound interesting, but I too would appreciate additional lab notes beyond just the AbV.

Hi Everyone [and a special shout out to cortot20 and rjquillin!!!], Outlier Winemaker Derek Rohlffs here to provide you with some additional info re: my Chardonnais before I nod off for a few hours…

I make a lot of Chardonnay from all over - Santa Lucia Highlands, Anderson Valley, Sonoma, and Napa. Chardonnais is my most popular Chardonnay.

This wine was born of my desire to make a Napa Chardonnay in an Old World, traditional manner, with whole cluster pressed grapes and a relatively high percentage of new French Oak barrel ferments.

Chardonnais is 100% Napa Valley Chardonnay that I created with a little help from my grape growing buddy Roger Scommegna.

Vineyard Notes: Chardonnais’ vineyard is located in the southern part of the Valley, where the cooling influence of San Pablo Bay is in play most afternoons. At 500 feet elevation and with a Southern aspect, the days are warm and the nights are cold, allowing the grapes to hang on the vine longer, providing full flavor development. Soils are low fertility and primarily composed of clay and sandy loam. The terroir results in grapes with concentrated fruit flavors and refreshing acidity.

Vinification and Aging: Whole cluster pressed. French oak barrel fermented and aged lots, with a high percentage - 50% - new oak and gentle cellar treatment, including gravity movement.

Tasting Notes:​ Tree fruit aromas of apple and pear, with intriguing spice notes, a silky smooth, lush mouthfeel, and fresh fruit flavors. The lingering finish is the standout feature of this wine as the delicious flavors turn complex and persist.

I look forward to continuing the conversation with you all!


13.3% Alc., 3.6 pH, 5.7 TA

In addition to the #s I just shared with cortot20, I should note that Chardonnais went through full MLF [malolactic fermentation]. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

No google, I’m actually searching for “full MLF”.

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Lol, try malolactic fermentation instead.

Thanks for the write up and specs. It sounds really tasty and I’m glad you guys are providing such wonderful participation. Is the vineyard more in Carneros or in the valley proper?

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Good morning! The vineyard is located on Las Amigas Rd, Napa, CA 94559. Here’s a Google Maps link: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Las+Amigas+Rd,+Napa,+CA+94559/@38.2302803,-122.3314292,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x8085084081f3f2a3:0xc8819dd144a171d0

Thought I’d shed a little light on the crown and bee icons and imagery on the Chardonnais front label: “Chardonnay has been called the ‘Queen Bee’ of white grapes. With roots in the prestigious soils of Burgundy, this singular varietal has gained worldwide renown. We are inspired by the rich history that Chardonnay possesses as well as its great ability to transmit site. In Napa Valley, Chardonnay is able to achieve a level of ripeness that is uncommon elsewhere. Traditional winemaking is evident in Chardonnais, our nod to the old world and storied past of the world’s finest white wine.”

Alcohol % please?

When it comes to Chardonnay, I like total oak bombs! It sounds like this is about half way there anyway.


If you like oak, particularly spices like cinnamon and nutmeg it is definitely there!

Edit: I forgot flan, definitely flan!