Congratulations on your “DoOouble-Derby” win, DoOomcat! :slight_smile:

DoOomcat dragons? Does it get any better?

Big dooomcat weekend! Congrats!

Thanks guys! I’ll take it as a belated Mother’s Day present as mine was lame (and I had to clean up after all the lameness… :P)

I vote making another DoOomcat special category and being able to pick all your stuff to make Tank-tops.

I love the oblivious ninja tank I got as a gift from years ago and wish I could have the whole collection and then some for the summer!

Glad to be able to buy from a local artist!

I always wonder if there is a cultural reference I am missing on a t-shirt. I kind of wish there was a line in the specifications that gave the cultural reference, or said ‘none’.

So, is this simply a wonderfully cute shirt? Or is is a reference to some bit of culture I am missing?

edit: typo

Yes, you are missing something. It may or not be regarding an HBO series. I’m not at liberty to discuss any further.