Someone, give that cat a cheeseburger, STAT!


If outrage is the fuel, it’s driven by ignorance.


Well, well, isn’t that a clever use of an asterisk?


Doesn’t change the fact! :smiley: Anyone else think of youtube when you saw this shirt? Lots, and LOTS of outrage being spilled on the inter
net. :smiley:

Also, I remember the good ol’ days of first sucker. You had literally 1.5 seconds to make it. Now its minutes. Come on people!


We can link to this shirt every time that someone complains about Bacon of Carp not being offered or not getting a Bacon of Carp or that he/she did not receive a flat-screen TV in his/her Bacon of Carp. Very meta, woot, and perfect timing as we head into the second day of the woot-off!


I am simply outraged. Yes. Outraged, I tell you.


Ha! Snarky awesomeness.


Woot is outraged now?



I wonder how terrible I can make these.

Digging the style, count me in on the people who enjoy the creative use for the exclamation mark.


That is a very well placed exclamation point! lulz


Ah yes, always a lovely sight to see Esther Aarts illustrations, even when they’re in this mood. Looks ready to jump + hiss right off the shirt. Cool.


Another gray shirt? This is an outrage!


Man, I don’t know if there’s a whole lot of artistic value to Woot’s super cluttered new layout


Yes, yes you should.


I can haz angry face? What is it with the internets and cats?

Hah, way to head off anyone complaining about the shirt color, Woot.


Maybe I’ll buy a few of these for my old college buddies. In our CS program, we called ourselves “Team Bitterness.”


Finally a woot.cat.shirt that I’d rock


Oh no…Esther Aarts. Have to resist…


So the asterisk is the cats…um… oh this is embarrassing!