Outsmart Mort bugged

Hi Woot,

today I was excited/dreading going again against Mort since the last time (last week?) I couldn’t beat him. But today when I openeded the game it took me straight to the end of screen showing game over and the score from the last edition (a sad 4). I assume this is a bug and not the intention that you can play this only once per account… ever! (or maybe it is? This is Mort’s game after all).

Hi there. You can play as many times as you want but you only get one prize offer per week.

Could you try closing the app and removing it from memory.
If that doesn’t work, try removing and reinstalling the app.

Let me know.

Think that’s because it sold out?

It was a good one today! Wonder Woman napsack

Is that good?


I thought it was cool. I have a few people it could be gifted to.


I got to play zero times, but hey. I had tried removing the app from memory and was still stuck. Didn’t get a chance to reinstall the app but really?

Sometimes it helps, especially if you have auto updates turned off.

Yeah! Like me! That stinker is cute,!! I bought a bunch of the Funko pops yesterday, sooooooo hoping for Disney and cute ones!

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