Ovation Applause Elite A-E Guitar

Is this the same Ovation that Amazon has in a kit for less?

This looks like the same one I bought a few years ago. When I bought it, I was able to get it for $180. Not sure if they just when up in price, if they were on sale at the time, or the model has changed, but it looks exactly like this one. I bought it for a beginning acoustic guitar class through the city. My teacher would always tune everybody’s guitar and play them a little and he said that mine was the best playing Ovation he’s ever felt and that he now missed his real Ovation (not the Applause, like mine and this one). If you check the reviews on these, most say they come set up perfectly, and according to my teacher, mine was as perfect as they come and it came like that…although, the first one I got actually was a bit off and I took it back to Guitar Center and they deemed it to be defective and I ordered another one and that one was perfect. I bought it online and they price matched Amazon. I could have bought it through Amazon, but I wanted to be able to return it to the store, should something go wrong, and not have to deal with shipping.

It sure appears to be so. But hurry, there are only 6 left at your link as of 6:30am EDT.

Applause is Ovation’s entry-level line of guitars. Ovations became a super popular back in the late 1960’s when Glen Campbell was seen playing one on his weekly TV show.

All of the ovations I’ve ever played seemed way too bright for my tastes.