Overhead Storage Rack - Your Choice

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Overhead Storage Rack - Your Choice
Price: $64.99
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Condition: New


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I bought 2 of these a while back the last time they were on sale here for $59.99. They arrived dammaged and missing parts, for the damaged parts, I was able to bend them back into shape.(it was just the corners of some of the pieces) the box was probably dropped. The missing parts were some bolts, nuts, and washers, which I picked up at my local hardware store.(if they were packaged better this would not happen). After everything was fixed, the install was easy enough and I have been enjoying the extra space. They are a great product, just the shipping is not so great.

I ordered 2 of these 6 or 7 years ago, and they are still in great condition. They go up and adjust pretty easily, but make certain that you put the bolts into joists. These work amazingly well with those ubiquitous plastic totes that everybody sells.

I bought the larger ones about a year ago and they are great. Having gotten all the junk off the floor I was able to replace it with even more junk that was too good to toss. (Someday those extra Miata wheels will come in handy for snow tires for driving…here in South Carolina.)

Previous post was spot on. You really MUST hit the center of the joists when you mount these or you run the risk of a really nasty surprise.

Also, mine arrived with several (4 of 8) of shelves with broken welds which made the surfaces into trampolines with little real support. The manufacture quickly dispatched new shelves. What I liked about their response was there was no thought of asking for the defective shelves to be returned.

Metal hangers are available for garden tools and the like but I found the price to be way too high. Instead I went to Harbor Freight and bought several bungee cords with hooks at the end. I loop the cord through the handle (or around the body) of the tool and attach the hooks to rods on the shelf. I’ve got a line trimmer, a leaf blower, a chain saw, and other goodies stored this way with no problems.

All in all, I’d have no hesitation to buy them here again, unless they were on sale at Costco which they sometimes are.

I also got two of these last time around. They’re pretty sturdy and convenient. One had the wrong parts, 10 vertical posts and 2 ceiling brackets instead of 8 and 4, but they sent me two more. I’m guessing that Woot gets these cheap when EIG comes up short on parts at the end of a run or something.

Could be, but it must be costly to send out the replacement parts.

I’ve put off getting one of these the last 5 or so times they’ve showed up. Finally bit and ordered two.