Overhead Storage Rack

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Overhead Storage Rack
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12/27/2015 - $59.99 - Click To See Discussion (6 comments)

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Good reviews over at Amazon

at first glance i honestly thought this was some kind of poorly-designed quadcopter

I have 4 sets of these and absolutely love them. Paid more for them at the big box store! Not hard to assemble, and great to all my storage

good price, but 4x4 is tiny. i would have bought a couple if this had been bigger.

I bought the factory seconds 4x6 the last time these came up - this is a good deal for a 4x4. I couldn’t tell the difference to new, other than they didn’t come with all screws needed (a trip to Lowes with one they had in was necessary - make sure to use the same rated woodscrews).

I laid my 250lb girth on top of them after mounting - it’s a solid product.

If you want the 4x6, there are factory seconds too: Shop Garage Storage Solutions - Overhead, Freestanding and More! – SafeRacks

Oh, and count on a day to mount these things. They specify that it can be mounted in a half-hour, but that doesn’t include attaching the L-brackets to studs. That operation alone (find stud, mark out, drill hole, put screw in twice, rinse/repeat 3 times after measuring squareness) took hours. If you don’t have a finished ceiling, this would be much faster, of course…

These racks are great, i have 5 of them daisy chained together. This style is a thinner metal than the 4x8 set, and the racks are diferent (as are the hooks), but overall for the price and utility i liked these best. I purchased mine at costco for $39. The hooks stink, and plan on investing a little money and getting good wood lag screws from HD or Lowes, the ones supplied are junk and will inevitably snap during install…good luck getting them out

Can these be hung on an unfinished sloped ceiling?

Same question: I want to install 2 units in a shed/workshop with exposed beams, but it has a sloped roof. Will this work?

Sam’s has the 4x8 version of this on sale at $109 right now, but they’ve been as low as $99 there. So if you need more space than 4x4, check those out.

Or you could just build your own out of 2x4’s and plywood for more space and a lot cheaper.


Regarding that link, I wouldn’t recommend using 2x4’s that are under tension that is parallel to the grain of the wood. If you look at the framing of your house, you won’t find any examples of that - too easy for the wood to split and the fasteners to pull out.

Metal is great under tension, that’s why the verticals of the Saferack are made out of angle steel.

I just bought 2 Saferacks in the last woot and have installed one so far. You need a good ladder for the install for sure. As someone else said, finding the studs and marking and drilling them is a time consuming task. I am pretty handy and overall the install took about 1.5 hours. There was a coupon in the box for a $99 install, which would be a good option for someone who is not handy.

I bought three of these just a couple weeks ago when they came up. I wasn’t planning to make a purchase like this after the holidays (and the inevitable cleaning of the garage/organization of holiday stuff that it includes) but the price was very good.

The first rack took me at least 3 hours to put up; lots time spent planning where and how to put them up, measuring, finding studs, more measuring, and then finally assembling them. The second one went up in less than 2 hours after I knew what I was doing. I still need to actually put stuff in them, but I’m happy overall with the purchase.

For those asking about sloped ceilings… I had read a ton of reviews from various sites on the different SafeRacks and there were multiple people who said it did not work for them with sloped ceilings.

EDIT: Others have mentioned that they hardware is cheap and recommend getting stuff from the local hardware store (specifically the lag bolts). I didn’t have any issues here, no broken bolts.

I have 1 of the 4x8 versions, they went on sale at Sam’s a while back for $99, actually bought 2 but after getting 1 up and loaded, didn’t need the second one and returned it. I agree more than a half hour to install but not a full day either. Maybe a couple hours, allow for mistakes… But been holding a year or so now in my garage and doing great. I had been thinking about needing a shed. But with this don’t need to anymore. Just think about the design and height requirements for placement. I would buy again if I had a need once again.

I did see the ones on sale at Sam’s over the Christmas holidays and was curious why the difference. Sam’s actually sells the New Age Performance Series VersaRac system. This Woot is for SafeRack which is made by a different company.

I don’t have any experience with Sam’s Club VersaRac system, but I did ultimately buy SafeRacks (the 4x8 version). My reason for doing so was based on the larger vertical support (27"). SafeRacks and their reasonfor the importance of using 2 overhead joists seemed sound. I am happy with my SafeRack purchase.

From the vendor:
They will. The side posts are adjustable. So on a slanted ceiling you would make 2 posts longer and 2 shorter so that the rack deck is parallel to the floor.
Need to use a little High School geometry.

Because each end is adjustable, I don’t see why they wouldn’t work on a slope. You’d just have to figure out what length, based on slope, for each end to give you a level platform when it’s done.

I have two 4X8 and a 4X4 already installed in my garage that I bought from COSTCO. Same brand (SAFERACKS) but they were a lot more expensive than these. I’m picking up two more here to finish out the upper level garage space. Using these gave me back my garage!