Overhead Storage Rack

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Overhead Storage Rack
Price: $59.99
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Here are some reviews from Home Depot

Didn’t we just have this last week? In the wide world of Tools & Garden, you’d think we could have new things daily for a year without repeating them. Including the endless numbers of bidets that should be in HOME

how about the 4x8 ones? that’s what I am waiting for. I can get the little one, like this one, for about the same price at home depot.

Purchased two of these the last go around. I am very happy with these units. Once thing I noticed is on the mounting brackets, they are not setup for 16" on center. So you have to cheat these a bit, but usable.

When installing I put the first set of mounts up first, one side. The opposite side I measure with a tape 48" and make a mark. Use stud finder for center at my mark and that is where the hole goes.

Another trick was to leave the legs loose at the top until all 4 side plates are installed. You can then float the unit centered then tighten down.

I have an excess of angle iron and a sheet of plywood. I know what I’m building this weekend and saving $60.

I was thinking the same thing.

I got one last time and am pretty happy with it. The install wasn’t as easy as I hoped, but also not as difficult as I feared. I did it by myself in a total of about 2 hours.

You’ll absolutely need a ratcheting socket wrench to get this done in any reasonable amount of time - the bolts are extremely hard to screw into the studs otherwise.

I picked one of these up last time around. I have yet to install it but this thing is HEAVY. Really heavy. I assume that means it’s quality but I don’t think, because of the weight, I’ll be able to install it myself.

Go to Saturday Night Live and watch the skit about bidets. Absolutely hilarious.

The manufacturer has factory seconds in 4x8 size for $145, includes shipping.


Sam’s and Costco also carry these types of shelves online. Sam’s has had the 4x8’s on sale for as low as $99, and just had a sale go off for $109. Think they’re both selling them normally for $150.

Only if you got the angle iron & plywood for free.

They are $150 right now +$17 shipping. Not really useful if they are not on sale now. You got my hopes up.

I need more details. I want to put these above my garage doors, so I need a minimum clearance. The manufacturer’s website just talks about custom installation by the installer, which will obviously not be the case here. Not sure if the 24" in the description is clearance to the top or bottom of the horizontal shelf part.

Also, the first picture shows that the vertical posts are solid (single piece) while the other pics are consistent with the description and show that there are two pieces, which will allow height adjustment.

Any help appreciated.

You can just cut the “down” brackets to receive the appropriate clearance that you want.I think that this is probably what they mean by “custom”

Drilling a pilot will make this much easier.

I think these pre-fabbed kits are great, but you can get more space by building one on your own.

I framed a 4x8 “floor” out of 2x4 and slapped a piece of strand board on top of it. I then leveled and lagged two 2x4s into the wall. I then lifted and placed the “floor” onto the 2x4s and lagged it into the wall. Then hooked a chain from the front corner to the ceiling.

Entire project took me maybe an hour to an hour and a half and cost maybe $60

As a builder, I want to put out a friendly caution to my fellow wooters. Be sure your garage trusses are rated for storage loads. Most are not because it costs more to build.

If they aren’t, don’t assume you can start loading hundreds of lbs from the ceiling. Your structure will bow down and eventually break.

If you don’t already have an excess of angle Iron and Plywood sitting around, you can’t buy the materials for the sale price of one of these.