Overhead Storage Rack

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Overhead Storage Rack
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In all honesty you shouldnt use your roof or ceiling to hang shelves from. this adds more stress to the ceiling which is used to support the roof and your structure by adding additional weight pulling down on the roof can create issues. I would not recommend any shelves that attach to a ceiling or roof. Think about the more weight you add pulling donward the more stress you are placing above.

This is excellent advice and I completely agree. There may be exceptions. In a typical modern house built according to the usual municipal codes, the roof is constructed of floor joists that can support a substantial weight load. For example, many homes have the inside part of the central AC and heat, the air handler, in the attic. This is a very heavy piece of equipment, that is supported entirely by the ceiling joists. Many homes have a semi finished attic that is built so it could be finished for additional living space in the future. The ceiling joists will form the floor of the new living space, and must be sufficiently strong to support anything the homeowner wants to put on the second floor. So, I would not disagree with you, but I would advise a potential buyer of this item to inspect the attic joists, and then decide if this rack is safe to install.

I was thinking the same thing. 250lbs, plus the weight of the unit itself could cause some issues if you don’t distribute the weight equally. I installed something like this years ago but used 2x6’s in the attic to distribute the extra weight across multiple joists. I used something like whats in the picture. Heavy yes, overkill, yes, but the support beams (along the ceiling) was to spread out the weight over many beams. I used a 4x8 3/4 treated plywood which was bolted to the lower beams.