Overhead Storage Racks - Your Choice

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Overhead Storage Racks - Your Choice
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Feb 25 to Tuesday, Mar 01) + transit
Condition: New


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Zzzzzzz - this is probably the most boring bunch of offerings across the board - ever!! Garage roof racks, ladders, power packs, air cleaners, etc. Zzzzzz

Hey, this looks like a sale price until you head on over to Amazon and see it is EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE! [MOD: removed. No need for name calling]


These are awesome but need to be professionally installed into studs. I bought two identical ones at costco.com for the same price.

I believe Woot had these exact same racks for $20 less last week. These are great racks but not a great deal

those were scratch and dent.

I miss the old woot!..a lot

Are you sure these are the same ones you got at Costco? They seem to only sell SafeRacks and I was disappointed to see that these are Monsterrax.

With free shipping at the mothership! Woot is a sad shell of what it used to be…

Ah, to defy gravity. Hopefully, you car will be elsewhere, when gravity or stupidity eventually wins.

Wish we had a “Like” button but since we don’t, I had to respond and agree.

Just make sure you screw them into the ceiling joists. That’s tricky with a finished ceiling, but a stud finder works well. If you drill the pilot hole and don’t see wood shavings it means you missed it :slight_smile:


Ditto! It is so boring as of late to shop here. If it’s not these overhead racks or the Origami racks, then it might, just might be something of interest - oh wait, it’ll be refurbished.
When and why has this site become a dumping ground for every manufacturer’s refurbished/reconditioned stuff?

Bring back the old Woot? It’ll be refurbished.

If a professional tries to install these in studs, he’s not very good.

They need to be anchored into joists. No need to be professionally installed.

SafeRacks and MonsterRax are part of the same parent company, Eagle Industrial Group

Odds are they are all the same quality, even the websites use the same theme.

Please do NOT confuse these with the UNDER"head" storage that WOOT! uses for their crap before they send it out.

I think the only difference is in the type/finish of the steel they use. Looks like Monster is EIG’s bargain brand. The MonsterRax FAQ has a couple key pieces of information that you don’t see on the SafeRacks FAQ…

Almost jumped on the Scratch & Dent deal last week, but as others have said, if you’re a Costco member, seems you’re better off getting the SafeRacks for $149 (or less) from them, especially with their generous return policy…

Woot - where is the deal? I got all excited until I found the same product on Amazon for the same price. Might as well buy on Amazon - oh wait, or not buy at all since it’s not a deal.