Overhead Storage Racks - Your Choice

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Overhead Storage Racks - Your Choice
Price: $135.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Mar 16 to Friday, Mar 17) + transit
Condition: New


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Don’t understand why people would pay for this, it’s 30 in material, T any Lowe’s or home depot,

I know, right? I make my own cars, too. Not paying that markup for a stoopid Ford or Chevy!

I’d like to see the list for that shelf. An 8ft stick of angle iron is $30 where I am.

this is not a deal,… it’s roughly the same price on amazon, which means it is most likely cheaper on ebay

If you go directly to SafeRacks website and Current Specials and they have Factory Seconds offerings…$119.99 for the same thing offered here and shipped for free.

All Factory Second Racks have cosmetic flaws which can include: scratches, dents, discoloration, uneven powder coating, or rust. These imperfections do not affect the structure or the weight capacity of the Rack. All Factory Seconds are Lifetime Warrantied.

The one I got from Woot didn’t seem to be a “second”. It didn’t have any imperfections and was relatively easy to install.

I do fail to see how rust wouldn’t cause the structure to be weaker… even surface rust isn’t a good thing.

Do you have a link for that?

The only 4x8ft option I was able to find on their Current Specials section was $179.99

Haven’t done a lot of drilling/storage with ceiling beams… I’m a bit wary of putting too much weight on them. I mean, I doubt immediate failure would occur, but could these cause unnecessary problems 20-30 years down the line?

Eh, I think it would be a bit more expensive than that, even if you had all of the tools required to build it. Think 60-70 is a much more reasonable price, plus if you even need one additional power tool that you can’t borrow from a buddy, you can tack on 100 bucks right there.