Oversized Cotton 550GSM Bath Sheets- 4PC

Oversized Cotton 550GSM Bath Sheets- 4PC

Are these 35x60 or 40x70?

Neither. Read the features tab.

I remember the 100% cotton and made in India bits.
I’m fairly confident that I didn’t miss the dimensions first time around.
Methinks the description may have been edited

The buyer may have read the comment this morning and corrected something. I’ll back your story. :slight_smile:

Bath sheets… for those who sleep in the bath. Interesting Woot, interesting. Perhaps bath towels would be a more accurate description?

no, bath sheet is the proper description. bath sheets are oversized bath towels, and that is in fact what they are called.

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Indeed! And once you switch to bath sheets, those tiny bath towels just don’t cut it.

So, no one has stepped forward with a size? “Oversized” is rather vague

The features did:

  • Bath Sheet Dimension 35 Inches x 66 inches

You do mean the “seller” right?
It’s kind of poignant that Amazon must be held accountable for the description of products sold through its website, but its subsidiary companies can change the product description by third parties without knowledge.

No, I meant the Woot buyer.

Amazon and 3rd parties change descriptions ALL the time. SOOOOOO many are wrong. We ask our vendors to preview all sales before they go live. We do our best to make sure features/specs are correct.

TT, love ya and all…

Between these and the batteries I bought at 2 a.m. , I feel like I’m being body-slammed on a Friday night.

Could you ask CS to throw in a couple extra towels cuz I’m going to need them cover my behind and for all the tears I’m going to shed.

Why the tears for these?

The tears are for the batteries purchase. And when the wife finds out I spent money on woot. It’s like catnip to a kitten at 2 a.m. .

This is why I have a 1200 square-foot basement full of unused woot’s including boxes of Mystery speakers … Dell

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah, can’t help you there. Good luck.