Overstock Art: Framed & Hand Painted

Check the dimensions!
I know they photoshop in the images where they’re shown on the wall, but the 24x20 images look way bigger than they actually are. Unless the room’s full of furniture for ants =)

Is it just me, or do these kind of look like someone’s paint-by-the-numbers versions of the originals?

Paint by numbers is something I have heard before, but if you can’t afford the original and like the look of a hand painted product why not?

The artists actually layout the image onto the canvas by hand and then paint it. No Numbers used. :slight_smile:

so just because I wouldn’t buy this I can’t afford it? yeah, go with that

Of course the one that I adore is the most expensive one. It may be too big to fit where I want it so I will not push the button.

They do not tell us what the frames are made of. Being that they are framed in the USA, I assume the frame is some sort of wood. The price would suggest it isn’t.

Because it is painted in China, I do wonder if the paints have lead. I wouldn’t chew on them or anything, but I’d prefer not to have to worry about that.

The 20X24 is the size of the painting without the frame. remember that the frame is another 3-5 inches on each side… that’s why they look that much bigger…

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The price might suggest otherwise, but the frames are all wood frames! They are made and assembled in the US.

The art is made of lead-free oil paints.

look at the video explaining the painting process:

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So what type of art do you like?

I think if you could afford an original Klimt painting you wouldn’t be browsing woot.

This is Leanna with overstockArt.com we are happy to answer any questions a buyer, admirer, or looky-loo might have :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered a couple of these and really liked one (The Kiss) and really did not like the other (Almond Tree). Just based on the two I received I’d have to say it’s luck of the draw… :wink: You may get a really nice piece or maybe not so much. The Almond Tree I received was not the shade of blue in the photo but very bright in a not-good way and the flowers were sloppy and simple. Essentially it looked nothing like the photo. However The Kiss I received was very nice, probably better than the one from the photo online. I posted a pic of it on Amazon so you can judge for yourself if you want: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/610SUa-JLaL.jpg
I’d also say that the frame The Kiss came with was very heavy and elegant while I was not impressed at all with the other.
Hope this helps!

Hi Hagirl, My name is Dawn and I’m with www.overstockart.com. Let me see what we can do for you in regards to the Van Gogh; we want you to be happy with all framed oil paintings from www.overstockart.com. Do you have your Woot.com order number for the Van Gogh painting by chance?

people buy 10k watches on here, so that theory doesn’t work either.


More like, if you can’t afford an original, this might be an acceptable alternative… you know, like what was actually said.

actually this is what was actually said.

Paint by numbers is something I have heard before, but if you can’t afford the original and like the look of a hand painted product why not?

It’s because they had their picture taken. The camera adds 10 pounds, ya know??

What the heck, Woot? Where’s the “Dogs playing poker” art??

I actually ordered it through Amazon and I’ve already returned it… The return process went great - no problems at all. That is one thing I would definitely add. It seems like if for some reason you have a problem with the painting you receive the company is very customer friendly. I wouldn’t have a problem ordering from them again - I really love the Klimt painting I received and consider it a bargain!

Hi, this is Leanna with overstockArt.com - We should totally get some hand painted versions of dogs playing poker… But Velvet or No Velvet?