Overstock Rocks: How do I get there from here?


where’s that link to Overstock.com for a wooter discount?


//sets fire to that stupid site

Never ever been nor will ever shop from the company that decided to advertise the site as the big “O” .

When you have to resort to sex to draw the idiots in, the ones with half a brain should flee. The ones with a negative half brain will protest this of course, but that’s to be expected. They are losers grasping at having a chance to be considered anything but the idiotic mouth breathing candidates they are for post partum abortion.



Yeah, what’s up with all the white clothing in the overstock commercial? And then the golden “o” worn around her neck or sometimes red “o” symbol that floats in the background?


It’s because the “overstock” site use should generate the orgasm when you use it.

Dumb - really really dumb. One way to really show me how useless the service is is to follow that type of advertising or the type of advertising vonage uses - i.e. you’re stupid if you don’t immediately run and get their service, then brag to your neighbors.

Like that’ll prove you’re NOT stupid…


So, shouldn’t it be more aptly named “overstalk?”


I prefer “overstupid” since only the brainless guppies get excited over it.


Ha ha.
Overstock rocks.
The reason it’s so popular is that the O girl and her sisters deliver the stuff in person.



So like, you never ever get laid…


That’s the secret…
They’re very happy that you order stuff. VERY happy.
I think they get a commission.
//curses woot word changer…


OMG…dreamers…both of you!

DM, only 3 times for Neo…too bad they all lead to conception. :wink:


LMAO! So how much do you tip the “O” lady?


I just send them over to DM’s burrow…


And I thought this thread was about trying to get Woot to sell some companies extra refurbished rocks.

//throws rocks at stupid thread