Owl Rock


I can’t get enough of Terry’s work! Please! Give us more! That being said, I really enjoy the amount of detail in this piece for being only 3 colors.

Wicked Wise Owl!!! Kind of spooky…I like it!

Would he be climbing the ‘Who-terHorn?!’

i hope that doesnt become an incident at owl rock.

nicely intense + moody, although the owl texture reminds me of wood grain not granite

Owls. Everyone is fond of owls.

I am fond of this shirt.

Well that is one way to learn everything of the world.

How did that owl even get there.

To me it looks like an army guy is scaling the owl. Is there a sniper post on the top of its head?

Are you alluding to Mount Rushmore in the writeup, or perhaps Crazy Horse?

I live in South Dakota. We have our fair share of giant mountain sculptures. Why not add an owl to the mix?

I would have liked this so much more without the climber.

I wonder, would Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint be able to hang from the beak?

If anyone is curious, that is a Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus).


I see no reference to Star Wars here…
Just a fine piece of art on a t-shirt

I thought we were promised more Star Wars shirts!

Especially since the climber is completely out of scale with the owl. Unless the owl is only supposed to be about 20’ tall.

Always a pleasure to see your work!

I see this selling well in Owlabama

As a future Rice university student, I think I’m obligated to buy this.
(The Rice mascot for comparison.)

I wonder if the owl pellets it spits out are just boulders?