Oxi-Go Pro Sports Oximeter

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Oxi-Go Pro Sports Oximeter [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Oximeter Oxi-Go Sports Oximeter 500

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Finger Out

Will this get rid of my zits?

thats a lot of oxi

geesh And I thought the slicer would never go…now this

woot, what the hell is this bull?

Nuh uh. Ain’t gonna happen. GTFO.

I got a finger out alright… the middle one.

I waited through the slicer for this? :frowning:

WTF is this?? FINGER OUT??

woot suddenly turned into eat healthy, cook at home, workout regularly and here’s some shit your kids can play with while you’re jogging.

was hoping for a BAG O C

is this better than the slicer?

I call bullshit!

Don’t think of it as an Oximeter. Think of it as a Zombiemeter. It will help you identify the undead!

How will this work after I already cut my finger off with my Mandolin slicer?

That’s what she said.


why does the picture of this with ‘finger out’ seem so disturbing to me? if there is a ‘finger in’ slot, shouldn’t this be sold in places with customers in trench coats?