Ozark Trail Camping Cot

hmm sex on a cot


Bag of Crap‎ is no more. Amazon pulled the plug since it was stressing their server.

Not heavy duty.

How much do these things weigh?

Now they’re just playing with us, trying to list as many things before 10PM pacific time.

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Ozark Trail Camping Cot
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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$24.99 and free ship on eBay, so deal seems average

not a bad cot, about 50% off?

$27 at walmart


no way is this more comfortable than the ground.

nice deal, but very wrong color.

Okay, I may be wrong that there hasn’t been a the Bag, but as usual, PLEASE give us a link to verify. I didn’t see it on the woot-off so far, but I haven’t been awake all 24 hours. I still can’t find it in the community section like previous Bags can be found (unless it was on another site–they’ve done that before).

Yeah, with two 112-lb people…

in for one… BOC YET…

Surprisingly they are. Not by much, but they do… Unless your laying on some really soft moist ground.

My thoughts exactly. I feel the same about air mattresses.

I just know I’m going to go to bed and miss out on my Sansa Clips or SpotBot/Little Green Machine…

At walmart it’s listed with a ship weight of almost 17 pounds. Unless it’s a very heavy box, this looks good for car camping but not for a hike.