Pacific Flake Sea Salt Chef's Jar

Come on people !!!
$80 for 2.5 lbs of salt ??
Considering,…all salt came from the sea, ya gotta be pretty gullible to believe this make your food ultimately taste better than say…Kosher salt !!!

It’s a funny thing, I clicked on this sale because I’m suddenly in the market for a salt canister, having sprung for some Maldon salt the other day. A vacation souvenir. We kept encountering flake salt (like Maldon, if not actually Maldon) sprinkled as a finishing salt on dishes, and it was nice and crunchy, and not super-salty, so not at all like kosher salt (which I use a lot, cooking at home.) A real enhancement to the dish, even something as simple as bread with olive oil.

So, in a regular supermarket (in Spain), 250g of Maldon salt, which is around half a pound, cost me around $5. I don’t know enough about fancy salts to know what makes this one so much fancier and thus much more expensive than the Maldon product, but I’m sure it’s quite different from Morton’s or Diamond Crystal.

“”“I’m sure it’s quite different from Morton’s or Diamond Crystal.”"

It is quite different…It cost 50x MORE !!!
You’d have to be nuts to pay that !

$80 just seems WAY high for this.

I can’t imagine this being much better than Maldon if at all. I love Maldon so much I bought the 1.5kg (3.3lb) bucket from Amazon… was under $30 at the time, and is still $32.98 now.

Add what seems to be an identical canister for $15