Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc (6)

Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc 6-Pack
$62.99 $114.00 45% off List Price
2014 Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc, Hahn Hill Vineyard, Yakima Valley

looks interesting, debaters?

I was fortunate to be able to taste this wine earlier. The color is straw pale yellow. The aroma is honey and flowers. I’m got honey and mild peach or apricot on the palate. It’s got a slight residual sweetness. It’s an easy drinking, pool wine and since I’m eating popcorn with it, I can say that the butter and salt from the popcorn don’t turn the wine off. It actually goes well together. I may be in for a 6 pack of this wine!

I had a bottle of Pacific Rim Riesling and it was awful. Really bad. Steering way clear of this one.

Got this awhile back at local Costco. Similar price. Don’t remember exactly, but disappeared quickly. DW quite fond of it. As noted, touch of sweetness, but this will be a good summer quaffer here. Bought 1 now, may be back.

will post shortly… on the way to the airport at the moment. But, in 30 seconds, it was very floral and quite tasty. Excellent QPR at $10 each.

Mostly this. I found it to be a bit sweet (honey esque), but not horribly so. My in laws enjoyed it, as well. They are usually sweet wine/reisling people. If I’m remembering correctly, we served it with a peanut butter stir fry, and it paired well, I thought.

I had a sip a few days after first opening and it was still drinkable. Not quite as good, but not bad, either.

Definitely worth the price, and a good wine to have on hand.

Doesn’t ship to Wisconsin? Why not?


To be clear, this is a dry wine. The floral nature of the nose and sweet light fruits (apricot, lychee) on the palate may give a perception of sweetness.
Color is deeply yellow, almost getting to Amber.
Barely noticable acidity, but paired well with slightly spicy stirfry, able to cut through the Thai peanut sauce.
All in all, very nice wine that I was pegging at a woot price of around $12 or 13. So pleased to see even better QPR.

(Sorry for brevity, on a plane at the moment)

Shipping states will vary from sale to sale based on the licensing of each winery.

At 9 g/l sugar, this is definitely on the lean to off-dry sweetness. We all perceive this different, but at that sugar level, this is not bone dry.

Let’s see if this works-

ETA - can’t seem to get the photo working, but hopefully the link works.

Anyway, most internet pages seems to say ~10g/L is considered the lower bounds of off-dry… for sure, this is not a <1g/L wine. :happy:

I fixed your photo :slight_smile:

Pacific Rim has an entire lineup of Rieslings for different tastes. Just sayin’. Never knew they made a Chenin Blanc. That alone is interesting and you don’t see them offered on wine.woot more than once or twice a year.

Not saying you would like it or that it’s worth taking a flyer on (even though there is not much risk at basically $10/bottle), just that you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss all things Pacific Rim because of one bad experience.

Sad-Just got an email from woot that my order was cancelled. Evidently can’t be shipped to Iowa. I usually don’t even look at the ship to states as most everything ships here. Surprised they didn’t stop me from ordering.

They may put their arrow over dry, however…