Pacific Rim Noble and Ice Riesling Mixed (6)

Pacific Rim Noble and Ice Riesling Mixed 6-Pack
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2012 Pacific Rim Noble Riesling Dessert Wine, Selenium Vineyard, 375ml
2013 Pacific Rim Ice Wine Riesling, Selenium Vineyard, 375ml


A bottle of the 2013 Icewine showed up on the front porch this morning while a crazed monkey sped away. Figuring a Saturday delivery meant it was urgent, this bottle went immediately into the fridge.

molarchae and I are just finishing our first glasses now and figure this is a good time to check in.

Initial impression on my part was that this has a rather subdued aroma, especially for an icewine. What was there was more reminiscent (to me) of Gewurtztraminer than Riesling. The aromas were more spicy and burnt sugar than the petrol and lemon I often get with Riesling of any sugar level (hence the Gewurtz thought).

First few sips, I got cotton candy, tropical fruit, and a sense that this was a rather light icewine. More like an Ontario VQA Select or Special Select Late Harvest. But that’s neither here nor there…is it good? Yes. With a bit more air and warming up some, additional flavours have shown themselves: lemon curd and pineapple being the most prominent. Finish is medium+/long-. Persistent, but doesn’t evolve much on the finish. Again, not exactly screaming Riesling to me - this tastes more like a Vidal/Gewurtztraminer blend somehow. Must be the Yakima Valley soils!

Initial impression - at $230 retail (+ shipping) for this exact 6-pack, this is a solid deal. Back for more later…

Second glass much like the first. The only thing I don’t quite get is why the nose is so muted. Riesling usually packs a powerful aromatic punch and sometimes it’s the flavours that let you down. This is the opposite. Curious to see Sparky’s notes on the botrytised version of this, too.

Tasting notes forthcoming as well, but need to get home to use something other than the tiny keyboard on my phone!

Out for BiL’s and Nephew’s b-days. So about an hour. Or so. :wink:

How did I miss out on ratting this?

First Botrytized Riesling I ever tasted was a 1973 Freemark Abbey Johannisberg Riesling Edelwein Gold, not to this day forgotten it.

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You get the Noble, or just the Eis?

Notes man, notes. What’s holding you up…?

Stop typing and start tasting!!!

Faster to type a quip than tasting notes :tongue:

//4 hours later

So it would seem.


2012 Pacific Rim Noble Riesling Dessert Wine, Selenium Vineyard, 375ml

I also had a crazed monkey drop off a bottle Saturday morning and speed away. Glad I didn’t get the Ice Wine! I have found most too syrupy for my taste.

When it comes to dessert wines, I really enjoy most, from Madeira to Sauternes, Late Harvest wines to Ports. Except Ice Wines.

Tasted this with several family members, but several don’t like sweet wines, so they didn’t taste this.

Served at cellar temperature (57°), initial aromas included an Apple note. As Klez noted, as it warmed up, more flavors, mostly stone fruits as in the winery notes.

This wine is similar to the Maroon Late Harvest Muscat 1/2 Bottle offer.

Will try for more notes tomorrow. For some reason, my right eye is sensitive right now. Also, sorry for the delay in posting. I was more tired than I realized when I got home.

Dang it…not again! Wish Woot would get it back together :frowning: Never had issues with direct shipping to NM or CO until the wooly behemoth, Amazon, purchased the company. Boo! Get it together, man…tired of missing out on Wine Woots.

But I do like the edit trick to make it look like he was timely.

I think you meant that for Sparky… :slight_smile:

4 hours?? Hells no.
First notes were up at 10:30, second round by 11:15. I was in bed shortly after that :tongue:

I should note that this icewine is not syrupy at all. Rather it’s quite light, almost airy. I credit that to a nice amount of acidity, and the relatively low density of this juice in comparison to some other icewines I’ve had.

Because we all need morning drinks, I poured a small sample from the remaining 40% of the bottle that had been re-capped in the fridge overnight.

Good news - there is much more aroma! It isn’t particularly distinctive for any fruit, but it’s got a lot more stone fruit and maybe even passionfruit. The palate has softened up a bit and gained a hint of grass.

It’s still light for an icewine, which is good. They should be refreshing, not cloying, and this meets that standard.

I suspect this will improve for at least a year or three. If the aromas intensify in bottle this would be a screaming deal at ~$22/bottle. Otherwise it’s just a great deal :slight_smile:

Any more 2012 notes from anyone?

No shipping to CO?

Woot and Amazon can just suck it. Worst move EVER Woot…worst.

I didn’t recall that as being Botrytized. I would think this should be quite different.

*Botrytized wines are natural sweet wines, produced from grapes that are affected by Botrytis cinerea under particular conditions. This rare and special form of fungal infection, called noble rot, includes complex enzymatic conversions and concurrent dehydration of the grape berry and results in a highly concentrated final product. The main characteristics of the noble rotted grapes involve high sugar, acid, glycerol and mineral contents, special polysaccharides, and particular aroma composition, which are thoroughly studied. The saprophytic microbiota of the grapes is also affected. Harvest and vinification of the noble rotted grapes are difficult, having special requirements. Microbiology and biochemistry of the alcoholic fermentation in these wines have been recently studied more deeply. Depending on the grape varieties as well as vinification and ageing technologies, botrytized wines show large diversity in style. Most of them are rich in polyphenols, possessing high antioxidant capacity. Biogenic amine and micotoxine contents of these wines are no public health concerns. *