Pacific Wine Works Gewürztraminer (5)

Meeker Pacific Wine Works 2008 Gewürztraminer 5-Pack
$39.99 $97.80 59% off List Price
2008 Pacific Wine Works Gewürztraminer, Mendocino County
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Pass. Back in April you offered a 4 pack for only 24.99 now you want an extra 15 bucks for one extra bottle. Thanks but nah.

Buzzkilled. Oh well, someone else can enjoy what I was going to buy.

Got these in Dec '11 for $6.88/btl, that would be $34.40 for the challenged or $1/btl additional.

Had expected this to have a bit of RS but was dryer than expected as my notes suggest, but a thoroughly enjoyable and SWMBO approved Gewurtz, especially at this price. CT notes, except for a couple outliers, on this spot on.

Good to see Charlie Meeker back on woot!

[edit] Hey mod, I was 1st sucker and it went away. Sparky and I are gonna get after youse guys if dis don’t get fixed.

Had a bottle delivered by the excellent ddeuddeg. Bottle vanished (in the drinking way). I didn’t take a note. Oops. I’ll take a bottle or two off somebody’s hands in SoCal if they wish.

So the list begins anew…

Just reported it. Not sure what/when I’ll hear back though.

Great tasting notes.

I shared a bottle of this wine with my g/f around 6 months ago on a hot & humid day at her family reunion. It was definitely crisp and refreshing but I did not take notes.

Although it’s a bit more expensive than previous offers, I think most people would be hard-pressed to find a Gewurz that drinks this well at a lower price point.

I would be in on this deal at the current offer price if it was a newer vintage but since I’m already overloaded with “drink now” wines and still have 3 bottles of this in my cellar, I’m passing this time.

2008 vintage does not seem so old…what is the expected shelf life of this? With the acidity I’d expect several yrs!!

Was going to buy since I love the Pacific Rim Gewurztraminer and was hoping it would be similar. But Virginia’s not on the list??? Virginia’s always on the list!!! What’s up with that?

Woot is no longer able to ship to VA. See HERE for details.

Depending on your definition of “several”, you are probably correct!

The winemaker said that it should be good for “a few years” when it was first offered here one year ago. So if that holds true, it should still be good for “a couple years”.

Sometimes my job requires that I testify on the stand about various quantities. When asked to define “several,” the correct answer is “more than a few, fewer than many.”

In that light, I had fewer than many good experiences with this wine. One bottle arrived leaking (which woot more than reimbursed me for, thanks), but even the intact ones were a tad “off.” It has been relegated to a popcorn wine, nothing more. If I was a sangria or spritzer person, I might go that route as well.

Oh, you wine folks will want me to define “off.” Here goes: worse than good, better than terrible.

Love the Meeker wines and hope to get some of them back up on woot! …but any wine that isn’t this.

Bought last time because of the wine maker and even at the price point found it to be very one dimensional. Not to say this was not intended (I remember discussion about making a low end wine to market internationally until the market fell out).

Let’s see some more Kiss Ridge…I need to complete my vertical.

Loved the wine last time, not too sweet but sweet enough that it is a great compromise wine between my wife and I. Looking forward to another five bottles!

My grandpa bought a Ford for $3,200. Now they’re $20,000. No way I’m buying a car when the price used to be so much better!

I was one of those who agreed with Blackice in the CT tasting notes. This is a slam dunk rebuy. This is right in DW’s sweet spot (actually her semi-dry spot). Would be in for two (instead of my actual one) except for the onslaught of other wines that will soon be arriving after the LB marathon.

Cracked a bottle of this this evening to go with sashimi @ home. Japanese SO, so it’s done right. Normally I’d go with cold sake, but alas, none in the house.

This went very well. Quite crisp with citrus at open ~12C, gradually warming to 18C the fruit bloomed to fill the mouth. Given the higher pH of 3.71, I would have expected to detect much RS if present; this is dry, and lovely.

Glad I picked up five more last night.
Yes Klez, one for you.
Congrats to Charlie for the sell-out!