Pack it in a Pelican

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Can someone tell me how much the Pelican U105 Lite Laptop Backpack weight? Or how to make the conversion from 19L to a weight? I’m not sure what that mean.

I paid $60 for a Swiss Gear laptop backpack that’s much better than any of these. They’re just way overpriced.

So expensive.

Per Pelican’s website the U105 Backpack weighs 4.22 lbs. (1.91 kg). The 19L that Woot lists as a weight is supposed to be the volume of the bag.

is it just me or are these the ugliest backpacks in the civilized world

I don’t know if they’re specifically ugly. I think these backpacks are odd looking and not “awesome”. They look functional, but… meh.

3-8lb back packs…with another 5 to 10lbs for laptop and accessories…heavy backpack but safe

I don’t know if I’d go for a Pelican backpack.

On the other hand, if you’re packing fragile stuff (like electronics or optics) for international travel where semi-trained gorillas might be loading it on-and-off planes, their suitcase-like cases are simply the best.

My CPAP breathing machine goes in one, and the case has gotten scratches…and, so far as I can tell, that means that it’s been hit by a car or something. The CPAP works fine.

REALLY??? I like Pelican cases, they are AWESOME, especially dealing with people that toss your stuff around. With that said…

WOW this is their normal price as other online retailers are selling these at… No big deal here.

Pelican DOES make extremely sturdy cases, not so sure about their backpacks though. If it is anything like their cases, it all depends on how you pack it.

Agree! The Pelican Packs provide over-excellent protection for electronics, but are bulky and take up a lot of real estate, and they don’t feel comfortable if worn for extended treks. On top of the high prices? Think I’ll stick with my Swiss!

Thanks for pointing that out. It’s fixed now.

The U100 Urban Elite Laptop Backpack looks like it has a hard case for the laptop which is just what I need. But will it have enough space for my Dell 17" XPS laptop. It has an additional battery which sticks out from the bottom, and from the image, I can’t tell if will fit.

Click on the “Specs” tab and they list stuff like the interior dimensions of the case.

I feel like it’s worth noting that this is ~$20 more than here:

Really, a quick search shows that $170 for this pack is a rather high price, even factoring in shipping.

I have played with Pelican packs (bag junkie) and they’d be good for specific applications, but some of you hoping for the ultimate everyday carry will be absolutely let down. Maybe look for somewhere with a return policy first. You know - just in case you feel like an overweight Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with these things on.