Packable Down-Filled Throw - 6 Colors

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Packable Down-Filled Throw - 6 Colors
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What is the loft in inches?

Please do not sell down products- the feathers are cruelly ripped out of live animals!

Amen! Down sucks! It’s unethical, immoral, unnecessary.

Not true. Most down is actually harvested from fowl seed which has been allowed to germinate in sunflowers. When the sun goes down, leading the flower to droop down, then the down is normally ready for harvesting. And in fact, this is where the name originates.

Ummm…okay…aside from the ethics question, re. down:

I’d consider this if we had a natural color in the mix: A sage, or khaki, a forest green (never mind a nice camo!). Something I could take into the wilds without looking like a pimp. I think Costco offered a green a while back, that I’m now wishing I’d grabbed…

p.s. Just checked their site: They have 2-packs right now–same dimensions. with 700 fill, rather than 650 here–but only pimp colors, too. :frowning: $48 incl. shipping for 2, so pretty much a wash. :confused: Meh!

Most?? While it’s geographical, over 80% of down is harvested in China. 50-80% of that from live birds. The rest are used for meat, boiled for easy removal. The name down originates from Old Norse dúnn, and is the immature layer of feathers.

Not entering the ethical argument (and people need to stop feeding the trolls), but I disagree with your assertion that down is superior. For people that take excellent care of their gear, down is perfect for certain relatively narrow windows of temperature and conditions. Beyond which, and for everyone else that just grabs something to keep warm when it’s cold, synthetics will last longer and work in more conditions than down will. Down also needs to be stored uncompressed - hardly what the write-up suggests when it says keep it stored in the stuff sack for when you need it. If you do, when you take it out when needed, the down will have been crushed into a less useful state, potentially MUCH less useful.
Also, the coverings on these throws are not all nylon - they are a blend of nylon and polyester, which matters to people that take care of their gear, which is who should buy down.
Most folks should opt for synthetics for something like this - not because they are technically superior, but that they are a superior match to what people expect out of their everyday use.


Does anyone know if there is an option to get the live animals stuffed in the blanket? The massage qualities could be amazing!

Will this work on my mac?

I could find no reference to a connection of down and sunflowers in Google. Please inform me so I can educate myself.

Only the ones who flew from Michigan to Florida. Trust me, they won’t miss’em. IT’s been kinda warm down there lately.

Jonas4321@: I tend to agree but the new DRI down has come a long way. I have a couple of “Dri-Down” jackets. One from Mountain Hardware and one from Sierra Designs. Both are 800 fill. Both have gotten wet during snow falls and light drizzle. Nice thing was, they didn’t clump up and maintained warmth. I don’t think if soaking wet they would be as warm but they are PITA to wash. I put them on handwash and let them soak. I also use down-wash from Nikwax. Then I treat the outside of the jacket(s) with a water proofing spray designed for down jackets. Cost wise, the Sierra Designs is a better deal. The Mountain hardware jacket was twice the price and looses feathers faster then the duck that provided them LOL.

As for this product, I picked up a couple of these from Costco back when they were selling the Eddie Bauer version. Tossed one in the van and one in my kids car. Not something I would depend on while camping under the stars. Think I paid like 10 bucks (clearance).

Overall, there is NOTHING we can use outdoors that can’t be considered “safe” to animals, plants or our environment. We ether use items made from oil, plants or animals every day. That leather Coach purse, shoes, belt. What about that poor little 3rd world country kid who make your running shoes (he has feelings to you know). That car you get in everyday, thanks to some dead dinosaur, when you turn the key, it runs on it’s blood (happy now?). And for you electric types, you think you are clean too? The pollution from the making of the electricity to charge your little car has to go somewhere. Yeah, in our lungs. So, ya might not be happy about feathers being plucked from live animals but look at the bright side, they could be killed first, then plucked. Now who would benefit from that?

Hey, cotton plants have feelings too. Do you feel the same when cotton is picked? (no, i’m not from California)

Did you pay your attention bill this month?

Thanks for the post discussing the need to properly store these down items.

Having never harvested down, I did some research and found this:

And then I found this from someone who actually plucks geese:

Do your research and make your own informed decisions and leave the rest of us alone to make our own.

Unless you are really short or a child the size is useless. :frowning:


Your point is?

Yup, sure.

for those of you who are into hammocking, these down throws make great homemade underquilts. The ones at Costco are 50 x 60 inches; these are bigger, so more coverage. You get a decent underquilt for 20 bux instead of 200 bux.