Package shipped to shipper!?! Worried!!!

So… I was wondering if someone could help me with this issue I’m having. I’m pretty worried since it involves a BOC I just won.

I shipped my BOC to my campus post office of which I have a P.O. Box. But here’s some backstory. When I signed up for my mailbox a while back they were like blah blah blah we only take USPS. So I was like okay. But for some reason I tried shipping a camera I bought off woot like 2 weeks ago to it and it worked! It went by FedEx and the post office put a key in my box to a larger box to get it. I was like score! So, I figured it would work for my BOC but unfortunately this is what happened when it got there. (image)

Will it get shipped back to Woot HQ and then they’ll e-mail me asking to ship it somewhere else? Will they keep it and give me my money back? I haven’t heard anything yet and I’m really worried!

Anybody know what’s going to happen?

It’s possible your last order shipped via SmartPost, which is a service where Fedex delivers it to your local post office, who then does the final delivery. I’m not sure how the crap shipped, but it may have been Ground.

In any event, the best thing to do is to contact with your order number and let them know what’s going on. It’s recommended that you add that address to your address book or otherwise adjust any spam filtering you have in place.