Package was refused for delivery [resolved]

I am having a terrible time dealing with Woot Customer service for a refund of an item I never received over $700 in price. Originally I ordered a soundbar that had a 3 week delivery window. During those 3 weeks I found a better deal and asked for an order cancelation as it hadn’t been shipped yet. I was told they couldn’t cancel the order, but I could refuse delivery and would get me my money back. Ups attempted to deliver the package more than 2 weeks ago.

While waiting for a few days patiently for the package to get returned to Woot, I decided to follow the tracking number for return status. This shows the package was received by Ups to their warehouse, but there was no movement several days after Ups received it. I decided to call Ups for a status update, which I was then informed the package was missing from their warehouse, and that I needed to open a claim with Ups, however because it was an Amazon/woot package, I could not open a claim myself and to reach out to Woot so you could open a ticket for me.

I’ve now emailed Woot 3 times letting them know what the problem is along with screenshots of the tracking status, yet all I keep getting back is an email stating the refund will be issued 5-7 days after Woot receives the package. Again, I’ve informed Woot that ups says the package will NEVER get back to Woot as they consider it lost permanently, yet I keep getting the same email word for word that a refund will process once it’s received back to Woot warehouse. I shouldn’t have even needed to wait till it was received to Woot warehouse as the package was refused and thus I never took ownership of it. I can’t be charged for something that was never delivered. Regardless of all of that I can’t be held liable for Ups losing a package.

This needs to be resolved immediately or I will be filing a claim with the bank and reporting to the better business bureau. I have included screenshots of the package being stuck in their warehouse for 10 days, which is why Ups says it’s considered missing. They don’t allow packages to sit for that long of a time period without any movement or status change. If Woot doesn’t believe me then they can contact Ups directly and hear it from them, which is what Ups said needs to happen anyways.

Hi there. Sorry UPS sucks. Let me reach out to customer service tomorrow.

Update: You should have an email from CS soonish.