Packs and Bags

Bought one of the High Sierra bags a while back; I’ve been pretty happy with it. Used it on a number of day hikes, can fit a 3L bladder (nothing wrong with the 2L that came with it, I still use it sometimes) and a handful of granola bars with room to spare for a few other small items. Managed to strap an MRE to the back of it with the pull-out mesh pouch thing one day. As a pretty casual hiker it’s fit my needs well.

Just wondering if the backpack was waterproof. Also, any idea how large of a laptop will it fit?

A wooter might be able to help you out if you could tell which one you’re looking at.

I’ll answer as I’ve done my share of extended backpacking in the rain.

I can’t speak to the size of laptop it will carry, but I doubt that any of these of these bags are waterproof. These bags may be water resistant and keep items on the inside dry in a light drizzle - light rain for a very short amount of time, but I’d be willing to bet money that exposure to medium- heavy rain would quickly result in a wet interior. These would likely require a rain cover made for backpacks like the one I use with my North Face Terra 65 pack.

There are true waterproof backpacks that exist made with neoprene or PVC outer shells, but none are in this sale.

Occasionally Woot will carry the Yukon Outfitters waterproof backpack/dry bags, but there are other options on the web from more reputable manufacturers if you are willing to google.

Re: Bear Grylls B1406 10 Liter Hydration Pack.

Hmm 10 liter, that’s calculated to 2.65 US gallons??
Item description says 2 liter??
I’d like to not be confused anymore… please help.
Someone, anyone?

So all that means is that the backpack itself has a 10L capacity. The included hydration bladder/reservoir only has a 2L capacity.

Does anyone know if the Bear Grylls 60L commando pack will fit me? 30inch waist 5’6" tall. I don’t want to buy one that has excessively long waste straps.