Padma’s Plantation Wicker Chair with Cushion

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Padma’s Plantation Wicker Chair with Cushion
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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These were $39.99 on Kids Woot yesterday…FAIL!

One chair?


A new low! Wicker chairs! I could use some cat pix right about now. Or pole vault girl…

Was that for a child’s chair with cushion? Or the adult size like these?

Is this part of the Star Wars auction?

It was definitely the kid sized chairs yesterday. Proof here:

Looks like a pretty good deal.

The ONLY reason i’d want one of these is to sit in and wait for the rest of them to sell… WootOff Killer

I mean who doesn’t want $100a yard furniture?

Kids or not…who wants this garbage…

woot’s not working very well today so i by nothing! Even though I watched for 24hrs just to get a bag of carp only to find busy servers!!! Jerks

Woot killer?

Someone take one for the team? lol

woot killer.

damn this is some chair, looks ugly but expensive!

Yeah? So, how many pounds (lbs) do they support??

Sigh. Yes but those were for kids.