Padma’s Plantation Wicker Chair with Cushion

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Padma’s Plantation Wicker Chair with Cushion
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Not even, too big for shipping.

Won’t fit in my mailbox . . .

If I can only buy three, that means one of the Golden Girls has nowhere to sit.

This seems like a home.woot item…

grandma says they’re real easy on the 'roids with nice thick padding.

These chairs are … painfully ugly

80 bucks for it? It’s not worth 15.

Thankfully they don’t have a black option for this plantation chair. that would be in poor taste.

So do vacuums.

No way. Chairs? I live in a tiny apartment. I wish I would have jumped on that Dwarf Vibration Speaker… doh!

A couple are already casket-ized . . .

Darn, Amazon is up in my area…got charged tax on my purchase :-p

I can tolerate a lot of garbage during a woot-off, but this comes close to crossing the line…

Pfft, I could just steal these off my grandmother’s porch.

Padme? From Star Wars?

these were in the kids wootoff earlier. wtf. if they didn’t sell there why would they sell in this one?!

First — I need a plantation.

Yeah… This was posted on kids.woot during the woot-off yesterday.

Had the kiddo sized ones in kidswoot yesterday.