Padma’s Plantation Wicker Chair with Cushion

I was confused last time these were sold… and I still am…

I don’t remember Padma sitting on one of these chairs in Star Wars.

No child?? Take off the cushion and they make a beautiful place to put your fern or another plant.

No, it’s not from Star Wars, it’s simply padded for your ma’s rear end. Hence, Padma.

Still plenty of time to be the first to purchase this for Pad’s ma. Woot-off killa.

Didn’t think it was legal to use the word “plantation” anymore.

Apparently these things still have life in Texas! Yee-haw!

Someone please buy these so we can move on.

How many of these would I need to buy to build a cage big enough to burn the wicker man in?

I guess the price is reasonable…you know if this is what you’re into…

Wow - these are like $350 on fancy furniture websites. Great savings - though I don’t need any outdoor furniture. Now I have to wonder why an international furniture company named these after a bay in Maine.

we just bought a vacation home in Las Vegas, these would be perfect at a table poolside, but you can only get 3 which makes no sense, as I would want 4, for a set… so alas, it’s a pass

good god those are ugly chairs. why not just skip the middleman and send them straight to goodwill?

$10 cheaper than a previous woot-off n’at:

I didn’t know it was a kids chair. Glad I didn’t order one

I guess I was wrong I saw an old post from Nov. It is not a kids chair. Sorry

I have received one of the three I ordered from the last woot off. They are not kids chairs. They are full size adult chairs. I ordered three (maximum I could) at the last woot off. Now the question is how can I get one more? Think they will come up on home.woot again?