pages not loading/refreshing


I’ve been having fun for the last 18 hours or so keeping up with the woot off. I would imagine that another few hundred thousand people are too.

I am getting really tired of the posts with people complaining that the pages don’t load or refresh or by the time they do the items are sold out. These people obviously have absolutely no concept of what is going on. Either they don’t realize the number of people who are trying to access the site all at one time or they fail to notice that the quantity of the item being sold was so low that it is entirely possible for it to be sold out with the first few minutes.

I think for the next woot, woot should sell a copy of their server logs from this woot-off just so that people can actually see what is going on and then maybe they’ll understand the situation and stop their incessant whining.


Nah, I just like to whine.