Pain Relief & Muscle Therapy

Anybody actually used the Relaxor 4 Pad Pulse Massager before? I have a “really real” Empi TENS unit, but with the new healthcare model, I’d have to remortgage my house to get a new set of electrode/pads for it. When I’ve been shopping around for something similar, most reviews seem to speak snake oil or paid reviewer - I’ve stopped trusting random reviews and must rely on wooters.

Was skeptical, I must say i was wrong this Unit helps ! very nice company to deal with if you have a problem, i just called to order extra wire, there was nothing wrong with Unit.

[MOD EDIT: Offer linked is not “Pro PLUS” version]

Beautyko BK0511 Accupulser Pro Black:

Just received the unit on 5/6/15. It doesn’t work like a TENS with pads. The metal prongs send an electrical burn to the skin which I can not tolerate. Feels like I’m being branded with a hot iron. kind of like those electric shock games. The unit came shipped in a bubble wrap envelope and the packaging was crushed. Missing the 9v battery that was suppose to be included. Going to send this one back to woot. Disappointed :frowning: