Paint it Black

Should sell this one as a box set with cmdixon’s Rain, Rain, Go Away.

patrickspens does add a polish to ideas; the stars and galaxies look amazing – and like possible paint spatters all in the same glance.

Did he see a red door?

I love the half sun and half moon look.

Mr. Night and his trusty roller. Gotta love it.

Reminds me of The Truman Show, when Truman finds the door out.

If only we could really paint our way out of things. :slight_smile:

This is my first woot shirt I hope it’s as cool looking in person. What type of quality are there shirts, are these the thicker type cotton shirts or the softer cooler type fabric.

I feel like this should be on a canvas or my desktop, not a shirt.

Wish they had this as something other than a t-shirt (like a hoodie or a tote or something). I love most of patrickspens’ designs, but I just can’t justify another t-shirt right now. The dresser drawer won’t close as it is.

Does this remind anyone else of Rob Dobi’s work? He also has a Paint It Black shirt. Fullbleed official online storefront


And his own Only Memories

I’d count up how many patrickspens shirts I own, but it’s a moving target.

This is a really dope design and I have to say I’m glad to see something non-cutesy that’s so well done from pspens. I’m sure there are other examples, but my stint in these parts only saw turtles etc.

Good job.

In some jobs, that’s exactly what we do. But that doesn’t mean the delivery time expectations are any more reasonable.

I’ve been very happy with my t-shirts. I get compliments every time I wear one. The old timers like the other shirts better. They are signing “The Way We Were” all the time. But times change I guess. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see this as a print or poster. <3 It is very pretty.

Ditto that. I’d also love to have it as a desktop wallpaper – how about it, @patrickspens?

It’s like, there’s one design, but another being painted over it! Now that’s fresh!