Painted with Water


Reminds me of that song from Pocahontas.

Maybe my eyes deceive me, but I’m seeing for sure more than six colors here - are daily artists allowed a lot more leeway in that regard? Is this a first?

Geez, is that what’s in my drinking water?

Ohnoes! A creme t-shirt on woot! Let the gnashing of teeth and wailing of the children commence. (In for one!)

Sweet, an infinityloop print! I love how realistic the drips of water look :slight_smile:

Obviously, I’d recommend listening to The Rain Song while wearing that.

I’d follow it up with some rainbows.

Burn! I’d hate to be that guy right now, especially since I couldn’t wear this shirt.

You know, there were probably six orange fish before that crocodile showed up.

Hardly a first, but yes, this has more than 6 (this has 9). Dailies aren’t necessarily held to the same rules and regulations as the derby prints.

A beautiful shirt which reminds me of fond childhood memories. If only there was a shrinky dink shirt available, that would really cool.

You must mean
“Mine, Mine, Mine”

Nice work, April.

I love the design but unfortunately it seems a little effeminate to me. I guess the mrs gets another woot shirt.

Get a small, and wash/dry on high heat.


Nothing special here. This is how the ecosystem was always explained to me…

I enjoy lobster love. In for one.

Does the shirt become even more colorful if I get it wet? That would make for an interesting wet tshirt contest!

In for one!

Those poor animals are soaked in cream. I guess it makes this shirt more of a delicious chowder.

Really lovely!