Pair Bi-Cast Parsons Chairs

My cat would destroy these…

For the price, how is the craftsmanship?

I cant find any product website or anyone else who has these.

I’m having trouble on this one too racer6. Seems to run about 140 for one though over here.

They have a different sku# but it looks the same to me. Regardless of the lack of information, two leather chairs for 80 bucks ain’t a bad deal. And five dollars for shipping two chairs? That’s a deal and a half in it’s own right.

I picked up 3 pair…bicast isn’t real leather, but these are real chairs. Overstock has similar:

These are 2 for $182.

There is a reason leather experts call it,“PU.” BUT, if you take care of it, it can last a long time.

Pros and Cons of having a leather chairs-

(if you don’t have cats that will make little prickly holes in them.)

They wipe clean fairly easily.

If you are wearing a short skirt, shorts, or in your undies they will stick to your legs, and you will have to “peel” yourself off of them when you stand up.

They look all fancy.

If you are going commando, you will really stick.

In case of going commando, they wipe clean easily.

Eventually over time they may crack, or need special cleaner, care, or repairs.

But, they look really cool now!

Kids and/or pets may put holes in it.

New “off-limits” chair for adults!

If it starts to get smelly, it may be hard to get the smell out since you can’t really use febreeze on it…

Wouldn’t you want to get rid of mystery smell chair anyway? Excuse for new chairs!!

Leather can tear just as easy as a fabric furniture, but more noticeable.

Go for that older, inside a school bus motif that you always wanted in your den.
I mean nothing says AWESOME like that weird brown/green/blue putty stuff they used to repair school bus seats!

Instead of soaking up dog slobber, it will just sit there waiting for you to sit in it.

That also means you can make that neighbor you don’t like sit in Fido’s slobber, “accidentally.”

Also, Fido’s shed hair will be easier to wipe off instead of deep cleaning…

Now, I just have to decide what color is better…

This post is so awesome, I don’t even know what a Parson is and I want to buy a pair of each!

What is the order of the dimensions listed? I need a narrow chair.

great looking chairs at a great price…just wondering how confortable they are.

I wish I needed a narrow chair! I was looking for the weight limit.

Both thumbs up on that one!

Dimensions are listed. AND here is a definition of bi-cast.
Bicast leather (also known as bycast leather, split leather or PU. leather) is a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed.

Yeah. I have completed my uber-close up detailed analysis of the photos, and utilized my alleged intelligence as a mathematician, and am now ready to report my results to the esteemed woot community. To wit:

So, these appear to be exactly the same item that is/was selling. There were about 8 colors, of which 3 were these. I went and bought myself one of the chairs a few months ago (“green” is what Home Decorators called it, but the manufacturer’s stamp was “wasabi”). They were CONSIDERABLY more expensive than this. I feel like I paid over $100 for one chair. Maybe $179.

The material (the bi-whatever-pleather) is fine. It’s not ridiculously obvious that it’s not 100% leather, but, if your mother-in-law gives it a close inspection, the charade will last about 5 seconds.

The only thing I don’t like about the chair, personally, is that the construction is far more light-weight than I expected when I bought it. You will be surprised when you pick the chair up out of the box and discover that it is about 30-50% lighter than you expected for a quality chair of this size.

Turns out it won’t take much abuse to crack the legs. I had a slightly defective one at first, and just shifting my weight in it split the front-right leg, and I had to return it. The replacement I received though has held up fine.

If you will be buying these chairs where they will receive a lot of abuse (kids, people over 250 lbs, people rocking back on them), then don’t buy them. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Other than that though, at this price, these are definitely nice.

Do the chairs feel deep enough? or do they hit about mid thigh? Sometimes when I sit in a chair, I feel like the seat is too short from back to front.

I would like to thank the above posters because I thought I was the only one thinking this when I saw these chairs!!!

I’ve asked for a bit of clarification on the dimensions. Just have to wait for someone to get into the office.

I’m going to guess that they’re 17 wide, 21 deep. The seat is square (the defining characteristic of a parsons chair or table, I believe) so that’s 17 plus the padded, curved back (about 4") = 21.

Just ordered three pair. I’ve been searching for a new dining set for a long time now, and I think these will go well with the table that I’ve been considering. crosses fingers

Ok, you got me curious on the origin of the name.

Wikepedia: Parsons chair, curving wooden chair named for the Parsons School of Design in Paris, where it was created and widely copied today

IFURN.COM:Distinguishing features of the parsons chair include full upholstery; a tall, rectangular back; and a very linear overall shape. They are usually armless and sometimes skirted. Their appearance is clean, simple and streamlined, which is why they are most often associated with contemporary-modern style. However, parsons chairs adapt to many other styles as well, including formal, traditional, casual, cottage and even tropical!

Are these regular height or counter height?