Paladin PowerPlay 24n1 Multi Tool by SOG

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Will this rust easily?

How is this model different from the one they sold on woot a few days ago?

4 stars at Amazon


review of lower model that also mentions this one

Paladin specialize in electrician tools, this multitools are tailored for them and are significantly more expensive than your retail tools sold elsewhere. You won’t find Paladin brand tools at major retail shops , they must be special ordered or bought at electrical supply stores that carry them. This price is a steal, and yes the tools are made by SOG, but its Paladin branded

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Doubtful…It’s nearly identical to the SOG S61 EOD.

As it’s made of STAINLESS STEEL, I think it will be a long time before you see any RUST.

From the description:

Namely, it has 66 and 110-block punchdown tools on it, a spudger, and several sizes of wire strippers on there.

To be honest, if you’re doing any real amount of phone/data cabling work, you generally will have dedicated tools for this stuff. I do, and I’m just an IT guy (I don’t do cabling for a living). That said, if you’re an IT guy and you already carry a laptop and a ton of other crap, it can get to be a bit much when you have to have another bag just for the occasional on-site wiring fix.

If you’re doing random one-off fixes, it could be very handy to have this in your kit. If you’re a wiring professional, it’s probably not needed.

I purchased the SOG version of this that was sold a while ago, and would’ve much rather had this thing because I know I would actually get use out of the telecom bits. The SOG knife has all sorts of stuff that I, as a computer guy, will never need, but would probably come in handy if I was stuck in the wilderness. :stuck_out_tongue:

A good Christmas gift for the electrician in your life.

I am a low voltage electrician and I had one of these. It is one of the best tools ever! I will second that it is tailored toward some one who works on phones, or networks. If you do any IT work, work on phones, or networks… GET THIS! better yet, get two. Last time i bought one i paid around $90 for it.

The quality is also top notch on this. I never had any problems with mine and I used it in -30 degree weather and snow, as well as 90 degree weather and rain. I never had an issue with it.

I just bought this tool for my father for Christmas and I have to say I was very dissapointed. He currently owns a SOG multitool and loves it. The reason I was replacing it is because the individual tools have loosened up and consequently close on your hand when using them. Upon learning that the tools on this lock in place, I was immediately intrigued. I received the tool in the mail yesterday and I regret to say that the spring loaded locking clip is ineffective. While one side of the tool seems fine, the other lock does not hold and is prone to closing while using the tool. This is unacceptable. I own a Leatherman with locking blades that is far superior to this tool and if I recall correctly was priced the same or slightly higher. Just my 2 cents…

As a rocketeer, I use one of these to make igniters, stripping wire and using up all that CAT5 I have lying around from home installations.

This tool is designed for “Wire Dogs”, those people in the telecommunications arena who install cables, particularly inside plant. If you know such a person, they would love this thing. Its a little less than half of what they cost at “Specialized Products”. I am sure this is a very good build, made in some country called “USA”.

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I hear you can actually cut your arm off with one of these if an 800lb boulder lands on it. FYI.

Does not rust easily- I used to work for Paladin and this is a very useful tool if you are an electrician or work with cable or phone installs. Make note of the punch tools, etc. as this is NOT your standard multi-tool and if you buy it thinking it is you will be dissapointed. Excellent price for an excellent tool!

Very similar to the SOG S61L I just got from 11/29/10 Woot. In fact, the SOG came with the same leather case with “PowerPlay” in the leather stamped with a design (you can still read it though.) It has the same problem with locking on one side mentioned above (but I think, looking at it, it will break in and be ok.) That said, SOG makes great tools and the S61L is the second SOG multitool I got from Woot and I’m thinking of getting this SOG/Paladin one to keep in my geek bag.