Paladin PowerPlay 24n1 Multi Tool by SOG

glad i didnt buy it the first time…?

Not again…

Does anyone know the quality holdup of this for daily use? Mainly for small computer repair.

$70 on amazon, 4/5 stars

SOG definitely makes quality stuff! Although I dont own this specific one.

How does this compare to a Leatherman, build- and quality-wise?

Too much stock today woot buddies!

I got my Dad one of these for Christmas (though not this particular model). He’s one of those guys with tons and tons of tools, but he loves his SOG Multitool especially for all the tinkering of his latest repair job, most of what he needs is right there with no hunting required.

These are approved for use by large monkeys only. If you have a small screaming monkey, do not open the blades!

I have the larger? $39.95 offering from Woot (over a year ago). Quality is superb. My only negative, it is big and heavy, which isn’t a negative if you need the extra horsepower… This one might be just what I am looking for…

Everyone should carry one of these just in case they need to cut off their arm.

(saw that movie last night)

But seriously, the Punch downs for 66-block and network panels would come in handy.

I can never let my fiance on here. He would buy every single one of these multi tools and put us into debt.

I previously purchased the SOG Multitool Powerlock and found it to be superior to the Leatherman I have. The tolerances are better and the action is much smoother.

Based on that, I’ve just bought this model too.

Wishing I wouldn’t have pulled the trigger on the smaller one in the last Woot-Off. Ah, well, now I’ll have two good multitools.

I just pulled mine out to check it out, and the wire that holds the 1/4" driver in place just popped off and shot across the room. I can’t find it now.

Mildly disappointed in this tool, the various tools stick and it’s a pain to open and get access to the tools.

Leatherman FTW.

Oh, and it’s not meant for computer repairs, it’s meant to be used for operating on Telco equipment installs.

Any body know if this tool is made in the USA?

If only it were freezer safe. (sigh)

Hmm not sure. Depends on if it’s compatible with Mac or not.

Been wanting a multitool, I love my SOG knife I bought on woot, got this one.