Pale Blue Draught

This design should sell billionnnnns and billionnnnnnnns of shirts.

This shirt is just a new speck in my stardusty closet.

I’m in for 1


Are you being facetious? Carl Sagan died in 1996. I do see that there’s a Twitter feed with his name on it, @drcarlsagan, is that what you’re talking about? I’m very confused by your comment.

It’s wrong because the diastatic enzymes referred to (namely α-Amylase and β-Amylase in brewing) do not get fermented, nor saccharified. The enzymes act on starches in malted barley, breaking them up into sugars (hence the term saccharification). These sugars are then fermented.

So “fermented saccharified starches” would be a better word choice.

I’m really wondering if it would be an apple pie flavored brew, but that seems like it would take a lot of work.

I was thinking the same thing… You must be a fellow homebrewer, or just an avid science guy…


Easy peasy unless you want to make it from scratch.

Or, “fermented & saccharified by enzymes”

Saccharified by enzymes and then fermented by yeast.

I love the design. But I couldn’t bring myself to wear this horribly incorrect statement. Especially since I’m a brewer.