Paleo Meals To Go Variety Pack (6)

Paleo Meals To Go, by Wild Zora Foods, Variety 6-Pack: Gluten, Grain, Milk, Nut, & Soy Free
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(2) - Paleo Meals To Go Mountain Beef Stew, 3.0 Oz.
(1) - Paleo Meals To Go Bedrock Beef Chili, 3.0 Oz.
(1) - Paleo Meals To Go Caldera Chicken Curry, 3.0 Oz.
(1) - Paleo Meals To Go Canyon Chicken Chili, 3.0 Oz.
(1) - Paleo Meals To Go Summit Savory Chicken, 3.0 Oz.

Most people, when backpacking and hiking the great outdoors, work up an appetite. So much so that even bologna sandwiches taste good. (Not that I have anything against bologna.) [youtube=pv4Rncfr-OE][/youtube] That said, when you get back home and try to make that legendary bologna sandwich from the camping trip with the SAME ingredients, you wonder why it tastes like goblin excrement. It makes you question your own judgment. These food packets are probably best served when hungry like a camper. I think that if I were camping, I would really like these.

What I liked about this product:
Made in the USA.
Extremely light/small.
Allergens were well labeled.
Specifically gluten free (We have celiac disease and need to avoid gluten.)
Looked like a quality ingredient list.
Great cooking directions. Even the cooking impaired could make these. (No, this was not a direct reference to ANY family member. hint nudge)

Extra notes:

Summit Savory Chicken
Vegetables were soggy. The chicken was a bit dry and bland. We gave this one a C+. Keep in mind though, we weren’t starving crazed backpackers when we ate this. I’d still consider this good for camping food.

Bedrock Beef Chili
Very palatable. The three kids gave it an A-. Good flavor, but a bit watery. We thought it was a little sweet. Both the beef and sweet potatoes were chewy. My kids suggested that if I were to make it again, to use less than the recommended amount of water.

Hi! Thanks for trying our meals. Sorry to hear the Summit Savory Chicken wasn’t awesome for you. I’m wondering if some of the spices might have settled to the bottom of the pouch because this meal is typically pretty savory. We hope it’s better next time if you dig way down to the bottom and stir like a cyclone!

Glad the kiddos liked Bedrock Beef Chili. We’re reformulating the recipes so it will be less sweet in the future.

We hope you’re in our future, that would be sweet!

Thanks again and happy trails,

Holy sugar, why so much. Cavemen didn’t add sugar, isn’t that one of paleo diet selling points?

One of paleo’s selling points is that people don’t really want to eat like a caveman, they only want to think that they do. None of these contain foods in the same forms that paleolithic people actually ate.

Other than the Savory Chicken meal, they are all way high in carbs to be true Paleo or Keto friendly. Carrots are about the worst veggie for Paleo/Keto diets because of their high sugar content.

Was excited until I read the label.

Sad Face.

I purchased this in large part because I have a number of food allergies and this is the first time I’ve encountered freeze-dried meals that both sound reasonably tasty and aren’t loaded up on milk-based products and also don’t have gluten.

This is a discount relative to the price I could find this item for elsewhere, though not a terribly large discount.

I’m somewhat strict Paleo on the food side (beer being the primary exception). But holy cow I am not paying $49/lb for a meal in a bag.