Palm Lifedrive


I just got a Lifedrive a while back, and I have been playing with all the programs that are out on the web. I have been messing with MobiTV for about a week now, and I just can not get that program to work. I have made all the updates that the program requires, but I still cant get it to work. This is what I wrote to MobiTV regarding the issue, which I should say they have been very polite with me through this:

Here are a couple things that I have noticed in the recent days:

While mobiTV is loading, the indicator light that tells us the Lifedrive is working has a unique pattern. The pattern repeated for approximately 4 times, and then went black.

The program doesn’t seem to load completely. There is not a green bar that you tell me should be at the bottom. Instead, the bar is black on startup, and then it resides to a silver color, the same color as the ‘receiving signal’ page.

As from the video I provided for you, the mobiTV system seems to hang, and then ask for a response from the user. I was not sure if the program was designed for this.

I have also tried several versions of the program. I have downloaded directly from Handmark through my account, directly from the mobiTV website, and through addit. I have also performed a secure erase, and a quick erase, in which I tried the download from each site. The program was downloaded after each erase, so the copy was not infected from before.

I have also completely erased the palmOne program from my computer, and I have also deleted the file folders that could contain information that may have altered a ‘Fresh’ Lifedrive.

Not sure what else is left to do. There were no third party software’s on the device during the later trials. Thanks for all of your help, and I hope you can figure this one out!!

I was wondering if anyone else has seen this problem? If you have any solutions to the problem, please let me know, I WANT TV ON MY PALM!! LOL. Maybe I will post this one on another forum too… a genius idea!


Why are you counting down to a wedding that’s over a year from now?

oh, and good luck on getting the tv thingy to work.


I can help you with Dick Tracy wrist TV problems, but one on your palm sounds a little less practical…
Good luck on the wedding, too.


I smell cake.