Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion- 8.5 oz.

Have you updated it? And are you using wifi?
Also, try clearing your cache if you’re on Android. Then check order history so your logged back in.

Winning the BOC earlier required me to buy a 29.99 dollar can of fake tuna so the disappointment had better be epic

thats 20cans of fake tuna

Got a few of these to move this along. Really good product.

oh jesus your right, hopefully my dog is a vegan :slight_smile:

Dunno, but I’m guessing it’s updated since my app store hasn’t told me anything needs updating?

I’m guessing I’m on wifi since I’m home. But maybe it’s on 4G?

Not a clue where to find the cache on an Android let alone how to clear it. Sigh.

Any more help? Despite that it might sound otherwise, I really do appreciate that you’re trying for me.


Go to google play and check for updates

Found that (well, found Play Store which seems to be right)

Apparently there WAS an update that it wasn’t telling me about. Clicked on update, now waiting on it to install…

Waiting for it to open again…

And no difference. No preview anywhere.

My phone sux. My woot! app sux.

Thanks y’alles for trying for me, guess I’ll just keep missing the BsS’C, sigh.