Pampered Pet

So it’s the middle of summer and what does that mean? We can offer you good deals on winter pet apparel! Yep, off season deals rock!

Your mission is to tell us about your pet’s winter wardrobe and I’d love to see some pictures!

Biggest size is medium?? What about those of us who have dog sized dogs and not purse pooches?

We figure you have a better chance of wrestling and winning with a smaller dog.

So, by “pet” - you mean “dog”? No love for we who are owned by cats then … :confused:

There’s nobody stopping you from putting them on a cat. Except your own limited blood supply, perhaps.

We have the most well behaved, lovable, obedient dog I’ve ever seen. He puts his coat on with out any trouble, every time. Probably because while is he all those things I mentioned above, he’s also a big, huge baby when it comes to cold or rain.

Yea! And for those of us with horse sized dogs? Bring me some Great Dane compatible gear and I will bring a storm of purchases like was most likely seen as early as yesterday.

***AGAIN *** with the dogs?
No offense to dogs nor their owners, but this bites!!

Couldn’t ya scratch up a few kitty items out of that big ol’ cat box of a warehouse of yours?