Panasonic 1080p HD Camcorder with 34x Optical Zoom

269 w/ free shipping at Amazon, and you can choose red!

Maybe they were waiting for exactly this item

I use this to film my neighbors through the curtains, and it works GREAT. With the 1080p resolution and the 34x optical zoom, I can see each of their nose hairs as they gets tweezed out. Each letter written in their crossword puzzles. Even the badge number of the police officer that they ultimately phone in when they spot me.
Do they make a model without the giveaway red light on the front?

$259 with free shipping if you choose black.

because they missed it the previous time around. (read the info in the community section)

They decide fast.

You dont know you want anything till after you buy it. Buy first, decide if you like it later. Its the Woot way!

Too spendy for me. Wahhhh

hmm very possible I suppose :3

That’s what electrical tape is for…

I can’t wait until w00t recommends w00ts based on your past w00ts…

“Due to your purchase of the queen size bed with headboard and family tent, we recommend this camera”

haha if everyone did that we would all be broke lol, although Woot offs still manage to make me broke :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought the Panasonic HDC-TM41H for only $200 in July direct from Panasonic, similar model as this but it has 16GB internal storage.

I’m starving! Do the shirts so I can go eat!

You are correct! However, I still like the Red one…(C:

BOC practice

Dont forget the glow sticks… (C;

Is there an external mic jack?