Panasonic 12.1MP Digital Camera

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Panasonic 12.1MP Digital Camera
$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Has the BOC come up yet?

No, I think Woot! gave up offering those. Nobody cared. They couldn’t sell the dang things.

It’s already come up several times (over the entire woot-off) with 2500 sold.

Either four or five times.

Fabulous camera. Especially the HD video.

They had one at 2:30 pm eastern time. That was the only one today.

And a C|net review.

A few times this woot off, you know you can look look at what was sold previously On the community -> woots page

they aren’t listed in the Blog items

Sure seems like they are…

Right, but not here:

I too look at the community tab. Don’t know why you’d look at the blog tab…maybe a RSS thing?

I was looking at the blog, I should know better I’ve only been a member for 7 years :))

I have one of these from an earlier woot. Great camera for the money!

I have an older, more basic version and it’s been a great camera. It’s really held up over a couple years, unlike some other compact digital cameras I’ve owned.

It’s on the blog. Just back 11 pages. :slight_smile: (

I think with the community/forum, the first BOC thread keeps being used with each appearance and will appear back at the top? On the blog it looks like it just shows up when it first appeared.