Panasonic 12.1MP Digital Camera



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Panasonic 12.1MP Digital Camera
$109.99 + $5 Standard OR $17 One-Day OR $13 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Looks like a good deal going by the MSRP. Even if you use an expensive DSLR it’s good to have a smaller point and shooter if you can’t bring all the bulk with you.


Tempting. Notice it’s made in Japan. Recently, I purchased a P+S Nikon that I just can’t stand because it’s a China version. Terribly sad and will be returning it.


For the mappers… here is what you should probably have:


thats what i have!


looks just like mine. i don’t understand how some people say they have 9 pieces


because they are just trolling


10+ dollars on tax no thanks




wait so you joined 2 years ago and just posted for the first time today and have never bought anything?!?!


But I thought trolling was a dead meme!?!?! At least according to this map thingy! (just trolling lol)


What? That can’t be… mine looks like this:

Am I doing something wrong?


who knows what is dead anymore. haha


I own this camera - Wonderful and this price beats the low price I paid six months ago.


indeed. i have yet to purchase anything lol. my cousin who showed me woot actually purchased 3 of one item on his account and i bought one of them if that counts


We thought bacon was dead too…


This unscrambling is causing my brain great distress


Looks nice…