Panasonic 12MP Digital Camera with Leica 12x Optical Zoom & HD Video

Yup - some things are more important than megapixels.

The preferred camera of jimmy Olson…

Anyone know if this can zoom while filming video?

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Panasonic Leica cameras rock! I own two and I’ve been completely satisfied with both of them. I highly recommend this brand!!


“The DMC-ZS6 features a powerful 12x optical zoom lens (35mm camera equivalent: 25-300mm). This gives you highly natural expressions from people and animals that you can’t get close to. It is also available in movie recording with the mechanism designed to minimize the noise of auto focusing or zooming.”

Yes it can. The auto-focus can get triggered when doing so, which usually isn’t a good thing.

This is a good camera… My display has a bunch of bad pixels, but other than that I’ve been pleased. Not great in low light…

This is a terrific point-and-shoot camera; unless you have other needs (tough/waterproof) or are looking for something approaching semi-pro/prosumer/whatever (DSLR, Micro 4/3rds), you should be super satisfied with this camera.

Here’s the manual

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I can’t believe there’s anybody left that doesn’t have a digital camera, but I would snap this one up in a heartbeat! I have two and my preferred one is a Panasonic Lumix and you can’t beat Leica lens. I’m salivating over the 12x Optical Zoom - fantastic for a point and shoot camera.

If you need a digital camera or want to give a young person their first one - you can’t go wrong with this one! Great camera, great price!

I don’t know much about video cameras. How long can you record? Or does it depend on the storage device size?

Here is a good discussion of the camera at, an excellent source of info about cameras.

I link to the 3rd comment in the thread on purpose:

Well, keep in mind there are people in the world who:

  1. Just got old enough to be trusted to have one.
  2. People who broke the one they currently had and want a new one.
  3. People who are using older ones that aren’t quite as good.

and many other mitigating factors to needing a new digital camera. :smiley:

cnet review



Amazon for $139?

12x Optical zoom?!?!?

This is the ultimate creeper cam!

Definitely would be in for one if I had the fundage…possible Christmas present from the family, though?


Amazon - $251.45


Videos - some varied subject matter:

panasonic DMC-ZS6 002.MOV - close up - buggies out of focus.


Chooch Chee TBall

I have the version that’s one year older. It’s great! Love the wide angle lens (hard to find in a point and shoot). And the 12x zoom is very useful and necessary. Video looks great. Only down side is that it’s a bit big. I take it to concerts a lot, but sometimes wish it was as slim as the new Canon Elph and would fit in my front jeans pocket better. Of course the Canon has only 3x zoom and no wide angle.