Panasonic 12MP Digital Camera with Leica 12x Optical Zoom & HD Video

Dang. Over 2x the price over at the Amazon overlord’s main site.

Great reviews there, too (22 reviews, avg. 4.5 stars).


Over 50% off from Amazon!

If I didn’t just purchase a GH1 I’d be all over this!

I paid $10 more for this exact camera on Woot back in December, and I’d do it again if I had to, no questions asked. This is, without a doubt, the best point and shoot I’ve ever used. I’ve taken it on vacations, used it to photograph my kids—it’s definitely worth it.

Paid a lot more for this last December. Takes great pictures even with my amateur self taking them, even in low light. Not the most compact choice–it’s a little clunky–but that wasn’t my top priority.

Own it, love it, almost tempted to buy another one Seriously–this is a GREAT camera, the LCD is amazing, the pics are sharp, the color is excellent, I have zero complaints and have had it over a year now. A great price–if you’re considering it, go for it.

I bought this at costco a year or so ago. Great camera.

ONLY THING THAT SUCKS is the software’s exporting program. For being a camera that is HD, it should allow you to export to youtube with at least 720p. 240p is the max… unless you export first to a DVD or to a memory card.
Can’t even export in HD to an external HDD.

Their software programmers are the suck.

I bought one of these the last time around (about 6 months ago) and it has been the best digital camera I have ever owned.

I can’t believe I just bought another one … all that was going through my mind when I pushed the big yellow button was, “what if I break or lose the one I have?”

Here’s what appears to be the most recent non-Woot-off Wooting of this camera, from back in December.

I don’t often buy refurbs. Are they typically scratched or blemished items???

Bought one of these for my hubby withOUT the 2G card on sale for the seriously great price of $199–and it was worth every penny. My nephew who is a professional photographer uses this as his digital camera–it is really that good. I am thinking it’s time to be thinking about who I can buy this for for Christmas…assuming I like anyone that much…

I can’t speak for all Woot refurbs, but I bought this exact camera as a refurb from Woot four months ago, and aside from a ‘refurb’ sticker on the side (which I was able to remove quite easily) it was indistinguishable from a new product.

I actually purchased the Zs7 a few months ago from Amazon. My criteria for a new camera consisted solely of a large optical zoom and pocket-size (because I hated carrying around my Sony Cybershot DSC-h3 if I wanted to take pictures).

Overall, glad I purchased the camera, because I carry it with me everywhere, and can always snap a photo if I need to now without carrying around a bigger one.

So far, I’ve not gotten any with visible damage. The two cameras and netbook I bought in the last year look and perform like brand new.

I like to think of refurbs as “The manufacturer had to take the time to make sure this one was correct”. If you’re still anxious, get the Square Trade warranty.

Now if I had only not already bought two cameras in the last year…

Just want to point out that Woot doesn’t refurbish any product. The manufacturer/vendor does that or contracts it out.

I may have said it before, but in case I didn’t I’ll say it again… Uhh or something…

I have the ZS-1, and it is amazing, If I didn’t already own the one I have now, I’d Buy this one in a heartbeat. Hell I still might…

However I do have one question: lists the similar models as the ZS1, ZS3, ZS5 and ZS7.
(Apparently there’s also a ZS8 but that’s a different megapixel rating)

So where does the ZS6 come from/How does it rank among these?

Where else can you get a Leica lens camera at this price. Great camera.

I’ve bought several refurb products from Woot before. Never had a problem with them. Sometimes they may not come in original packaging.

The ZS6 is basically the ZS7, only without the GPS, a different video codec, and no dedicated video button. I think it may have also been a warehouse club-specific (i.e. Costco) model.

Here’s a breakdown of the specific differences:

I bought this new from at the end of January with the 2GB card. I love it! I paid $199.99 plus tax for a total of $219.49. If there is no issue with the refurb, I’d say this is definitely a great deal! Too bad I don’t need another camera.