Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera with Leica 16x Optical Zoom, GPS & 1080p HD Video

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So, let me get this straight.

They have G.P.S in … CAMERAS now?

The image quality of this camera isn’t good enough to justify this price. There is a surprisingly amount of graininess AKA noise in various lighting conditions. I ended up returning mine and going with a different camera.

The good points though for a non-picky-purchaser would be the 1080p video and 16x optical zoom (I freakin’ HATE digital zoom!). The GPS feature is interesting though completely unnecessary IMO (can’t you remember where you took those Grand Canyon photos? :-D) and will make some paranoid I’m sure.

I bought one of these and it lasted less than 6 months before it broke. Stay clear.

Yeah, dude. That way, you can remember where you were when you took the picture. You see, it has the capability to add the GPS location to the digital info associated with the picture. If you take pics on vacation, this comes in handy because you can pinpoint the exact location you took each picture! Just don’t be taking pics at home and posting them online with the GPS tag still on 'em…the stalkers will git ya!

Amazon reviews 4.5 stars!

this camera is no good for the price IMO. I’m sorry but for those kind of specs I wouldn’t be paying $200+ for a refurb! Questionable people.

As much as I like seriously hate being “that guy” I would probs get the extended warrently with this purchase, lol… but ya!

Amazon gives it 4 stars

Where did you think they got the ones to refurb?

Product webpage:

including tab to multiple reviews:

lol, they’ve had GPS in cameras for quite awhile now

Really useful for surveying and other jobs

This seems a little pricey, I’d rather get a DSLR

Here are some cool sample photos comparing different settings and features. Pretty handy

So which camera did you go with instead?


Definitely gonna agree. Only 50 dollars less than Amazon’s price for refurb, definitely not worth it. At an even 200 probably would have gotten it though.

From the US Panasonic website:

Product support page:

including manual assuming I picked the right model:

Limited consumer reviews on tab for main US product page:

great my tz-4 just died, now I do not need to buy a new one at full price. Panasonic, has been a good choice for me for several years.

What is the time-between-shots?
Can it take a quick succession of pictures (3, 5, 10)?

The GPS feature is pretty cool. For people who like to geocache, they can take a pic of their finds. For people who like to metal detect, they can take pictures of their finds and not forget where they were.

I’m more interested in a bluetooth or wifi ability (turned off by default, only on when wanting to transfer pictures).

The DMC-Z line of cameras tend to be towards the top of their class.

For those who want an in-depth review, the guys at Imgaging Resource have one.

In a nuthsell, they say it is a step-down from the ZS-7 that it replaced, the GPS isn’t reliable and doesn’t report altitude, and the images are a bit fuzzy compared to its predecessors. On the plus side it has a great zoom, gets 10fps in continuous shooting mode at full resolution, and has great shutter lag performance and Full-HD video recording.

Lets hope those who do buy it don’t get caught up in the great Woot Panasonic Camera shipping snafu that happened with the last DMC for sale.

image has brand new one’s for cheaper then Woot’s refurbished price.

Check your prices before you buy.

[MOD: I think you are looking at a Z8, not a Z10]