Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera with Leica 16x Optical Zoom, GPS & HD Video

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Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera with Leica 16x Optical Zoom, GPS & HD Video
$189.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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GPS sounds nice for when I want to recall something, but what if I DON’T want everyone to know exactly where I took my pictures? Can the feature be turned off?

woot did you try to trick me??? it sure isn’t much cheaper then a new one.

New for $214; choice of colors.

I still remember my first digital camera… it was a 5mp sony with a carl zeiss lens. I thought I was the shit, even though I had a camera that could barely fit in my pocket… I miss those days back at duke

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What about the battery? Can I use a 3rd party battery? Or is this one locked down like many other Panasonics?

Yes, the feature can be turned off. I actually would recommend it, as it always remains on and drains the battery.

I have the slightly newer version of this, and it is an awesome camera. I’ve probably taken the best pictures of my life with this camera, and I suck at taking pictures.

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This thing kicks some serious assssss!
(now that’s a quality post right there)

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It was $239.99 last August (and $199.99 last September vs. $189.99 tonight --this is an update for 10-9-11).

Product webpage:

including tab to multiple reviews:

From the US Panasonic website:

Product support page:

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Limited consumer reviews on tab for main US product page:

I can tell you that I have bought several Panasonic cameras (including 1 refurb–see definition in my signature below) and have not been disappointed, and provide


and show you that PC Magazine’s last Readers’ choice award for digital cameras went to Panasonic and Canon last fall:,2817,2368159,00.asp

including the chart itself:,1871,iid=267324,00.asp

Speaking of cameras in general, not necessarily this model, PC World readers put Panasonic on top last fall:

Other reviews:



ZDNet’s collection of the reviews if you would prefer:

Digital Camera Review:

What is the “21x” sticker on the camera for? the details say the camera is only 16x optical zoom.

21x digital zoom?

Yes it can, which you may want to do not only for privacy reasons but also because the GPS tends to run the battery down quickly.

And in case you forget to turn it off, you can always remove the location data afterwards.

I’m in the market for a camera to give as a gift, and I do like the Lumix line a lot, but this one’s at Amazon - NEW, not REFURB - for only $25 more, in a choice of colors (but brown costs more … what’s up with that?) … and with free shipping.

Just sayin’ …

EDIT: Umm … well … uhh … OK, so it’s NOT free shipping. It’s $8.49. But still.

These are very highly recommended point and shoot cameras, but I’m in the market for a zoom lens for my Canon DSLR, so I’ll have to pass.

But also, I can’t find that the Amazon offer ($214 + $8.49 shipping) includes the accessories. (1 Panasonic Lumix Accessory Kit Including Leather Lumix Carrying Case, Stylus & 4GB SD Card–not sure how much these are worth individually). Maybe the Amazon offer does have these accessories and just not mentioned, but someone needs to verify this. It was linked above, but I put in the editing feature to “insta-click”

Yeah, but did you read the name of the 3rd party store that fulfills the order? I’d rather go with Woot, especially for the same price.

$12.24 shipping, and again, the question is whether it has the accessory kit. Not sure if it’s worth enough to buy this, but the question is whether the accessory kit is worth it–I would think so(?).

I can plus one Panasonic cameras. They’re quick to start up and focus. Image quality is very good (especially for being a point and shoot). They aren’t always tops in low light, but good technique helps that, and the later generations are much better. I still carry an older 6mp Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9 everywhere with me. It’s more than 5 years old, and I’m just now thinking of upgrading. My wife has had other Lumix models and was very happy with them; she’s up to like 30,000 images on Flickr (she’s kind of insane about taking pictures of the kids).

As for the GPS, I’ve heard it can be a little finicky and have some impact on battery life. But it’s an interesting feature anyway, and I expect it will be very mainstream soon.